The Mid-Century Style of Home Décor allows homeowners to show off their creative side. This look made popular during the 1950’s and 60’s features tapered furnishings, bold colors, and a look considered modern today, the same as it was several decades ago. With this style, basic geometrics simply will not do, and the variety of textures will help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere you and your family will love.

What is Mid-Century Style Home Décor? 

This unique and unusual home décor style recreates the look that our parents and grandparents had in their homes during a much simpler time. This futuristic style was inspired by the many shifts our culture experienced during that time. The world was introduced to rock-n-roll music and was just beginning to admire the legends of Hollywood who graced the silver screen. People of all ages were amazed by space travel as kids would dream about the future and what it had in store for them.

Designers during the 1950s and 1960s took advantage of the inspiration they got from all the advancements in science and technology as they created home furnishings that reflected this ambitious new attitude. This style featured a look that was both comfortable and stylish. New additions such as the Egg Chair and Eames Lounge Chair are still popular items today because of their relaxing look and aesthetic qualities. These pieces were not just artistic, but highly functional as well.

The Elements of Mid-Century Modern Homes 

There are certain elements to go by when converting traditional home décor to mid-century style. Here are a few of the most frequently used elements for this timeless contemporary style.

The Use of Wooden Material

Mid-Century home design features a variety of materials; however, wood can often be the most prominent of them all. Both natural and stained wood pieces can help bring the best of nature into a home. Wooden surfaces on tabletops or counters, and fine details such as sharp lines will often make these pieces the main attraction inside a newly redecorated home. Look for accent tables from the period made of solid wood to add a long-lasting and functional piece to any room.

Metal Made Designers’ Artistic Dreams a Reality

Metallic finishes can add shine to any room. By adding glossy metal material to light fixtures, mirrors, or other accent pieces throughout the home, it is easy to create a mid-century look that has an artistic touch. With this type of décor featuring pieces inspired by space exploration, adding items such as chairs and tables made from chrome or brass will help create the ideal futuristic style. Special additions that will make any room stand out include clocks, light fixtures and other decorative items inspired by space, rockets, or Sputnik.

Chic and Playful Tweed Furnishings

While it may not be as popular as it once was, tweed material used for upholstery on sofas, chairs, and recliners can be an excellent choice when you want to create a homage to the interior design of yesterday. Tweed may have a rough appearance however it can be very soft and comforting. Tweed furniture is often available in bold colors such as dark blues or bright oranges. Try to mix and match favorite shades to create the ideal look for a mid-century living room or den.

Getting Back to Nature

The modern look of mid-century décor is iconic due to how it combines the look of an urban home or office setting with all-natural materials. Using earth tones and wooden furnishings along with natural light is a great way to easily create a mid-century look while on a budget. Add indoor plants, terrariums, and even a small fish tank to breath life into any space.

Mid Century Modern Design Ideas for the Living Room

Looking to add some colorful wall art or wallpaper to a newly decorated room? Considering new fabrics or patterns for the sofa cushions or living room rug? Here are a few design options that will add the finishing touch to any mid-century home décor.

Abstract Art

Abstract art made waves in the 60s and started appearing in homes around this time. With bright colors that will coordinate with the neutral tones in the furniture, abstract art is sure to be a visually stunning addition to any newly renovated room.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns featuring bold colors and simple or complex shapes are mesmerizing to look at. Everything from throw pillows and rugs to lamp shades, curtains, and upholstery are available with these patterns.

Atomic Style

Styles that reflect the atomic age such as sunbursts, rockets and bombs are a must when redecorating with Mid-Century styles. Look for wallpaper and other materials that feature molecule-style patterns that will easily be the focal point of any room.

Mid Century Style Home Décor can add new life to any room by including elements from the past. The memorable decades of the 1950s and 60s helped to change the way that we look at interior design. These futuristic patterns and furniture styles may have been ahead of their time generations ago, yet provide home owners today with a sense of nostalgia that is warm and inviting.

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