What’s in right now won’t be so hot next season.

You’re smart, you know this.

When it comes to interior design, it’s hard to keep up with trends.

Changing your home décor and interior design requires ample time and resources – two things most people simply don’t have an abundance of.

If you’re skeptical of trends or don’t like changing your interior design very often, transitional home décor might be the way to go.

What Is Transitional Home Décor?

Transitional home décor is a perfect blend of contemporary and classic elements.

It’s timeless and it doesn’t go out of style.

Easier said than done, right? Sometimes it’s hard to know which colors and textures you’ll love a year or two from now.

Just like your wardrobe, sometimes with interior design, it’s best to err on the side of caution to avoid feeling dated next season.

Transitional House Style Elements

A transitional house style isn’t easy to accomplish. It takes careful planning and consideration to develop a timeless style.

Color Schemes

Neutral colors never go out of style. For walls and furniture, stick with browns, taupe, grays, and whites.

Add a splash of trendy colors with items that are easy to replace such as pillows, blankets, and frames.

Overall, a transitional style should be calm and inviting.

Textures and Patterns

Busy patterns and varying stripes tend to go in and out of style quickly.

Instead, opt for interesting textures with different fabrics and linens such as suede, cotton, chenille, and leather.

Experiment with different textures by pairing soft cotton couches with hard metal lamps and fixtures.

Artwork and Accessories

Keep things simple. Select minimalist-inspired accessories like black or metal picture frames, lamps, and artwork. Take it easy on the clutter and knickknacks.

Black and white photographs make great pieces of art for a transitional living room or bedroom.

Modern Transitional Furniture

Modern transitional furniture embraces both feminine and natural elements. Select pieces that incorporate curves with straight lines.

When in doubt, stay sophisticated. Don’t pick pieces that are too big or too small. Nothing should really make a statement on its own. Every piece should work in sync with each other to create a calm atmosphere.

The furniture should serve a distinct purpose, but it doesn’t need to be bland. Play with different textures and hues.

The goal of transitional home décor is to produce a comfortable, clean, and refined aesthetic.

Transitional Chairs for Living Room

No home would be complete without a few transitional chairs for the living room.

These chairs are simple and timeless. Most transitional chairs for the living room have wooden legs and metal rivets with cotton upholstery.

Chase lounges are also a great option for relaxing with class and style.

Whatever you choose, make sure to stick with neutral colors that stand the test of time.

Transitional Kitchen Design

No one enjoys remodeling their kitchen. As a result, a transitional kitchen design is a great way to keep things classy and elegant without seeming dated.

A transitional kitchen design should always look modern and up-to-date no matter what year it is.

Keep a few basic elements in mind as you build your transitional kitchen design.


Cabinets should be crisp and streamlined. Stick with wood in painted neutral hues like brown, white, or gray.

Adorn drawers and cabinets with metal hardware. Everything should be sleek, clean, and timeless.

Cabinets should always stand the test of time as they are one of the most painstaking items to replace.

Natural Materials

Natural materials such as wood and granite are preferred over manmade materials such as laminate or vinyl. Marble, limestone, and granite are excellent options for counters while wood is great for cabinets and floors.

Metals like copper and steel complement natural materials very well in a transitional kitchen design setting. Remember to keep things sleek and simple. Don’t add ornate embellishments or accents.


Tile isn’t just great for kitchen floors, it’s also perfect for backsplashes and walls. Although tile backsplashes are super in right now, they’re actually very timeless if done correctly.

Stick with neutral colors such as gray, white, or brown instead of bright colors to help stand the test of time.

Accessories and Expression

Accessories should be kept to a minimum. The overall vibe of your kitchen should speak for itself.

This doesn’t mean you can’t add some expression though.

Consider a fruit basket, vase, or statement light fixture. Experiment with pops of color in rugs, towels, and other items that are easy to replace. Remember to keep clutter to a minimum.

Make the Most of Transitional Home Décor

When you want your home to have a timeless feel, it’s easy to accidentally select bland colors, dull textures, and furniture without any character.

You can still express yourself.

Combine modern with vintage to create the perfect transitional living room or kitchen. Play with upcycled items and interesting timeless pieces.

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