The rich culture of The Western Kingdom of Morocco has helped to create a home interior style that inspires and captivates designers all throughout the world. Thanks to the beautiful and enchanting home items that are now available which feature this unique style, home owners here in the U.S. can capture the same essence of the North African country and add it to their own homes.

What is Moroccan Style Home Décor?

This unique interior design style originates from the region of Northern Africa that lies along the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Morocco is viewed by the world as a lush and romantic fantasy land, so why wouldn’t it be the perfect place to obtain home interior design ideas from?

The Country of Morocco is extremely diverse and home to residents from various European countries. The home décor inspired by this area reflects the vast cultures, history, and traditions of those who call the land home. Houses that feature a Moroccan style may have detailed carvings in the exterior, elegant arched doorways, and bright, beautiful fabrics all throughout the home.

5 of the Best Moroccan Style Home Décor Ideas 

Adding a Moroccan Style to a living room, bedroom, or den can cost as little or as much as the home owner is willing to pay. The changes may be simple or extravagant, depending on the level of Moroccan style they wish to achieve. Here are a few helpful tips that may be useful when transforming any traditional room into a Moroccan themed paradise.

1. Colorful Flowing Fabrics

Fabrics that softly flow over walls, windows, and furniture can help to transform any room into a royal place to relax. Choose fabric featuring jewel-toned colors to ensure they create the ideal effect. Many choose to hang silk or meshi fabric from the ceiling and allow it to drape down from lighting fixtures. Lighting is another important factor in creating the ideal Moroccan décor. Lanterns, lamps, and fixtures with colorful globes that display a soft, yet vibrant light also make a worthwhile addition.

2. Fine Attention to Detail

The key to Moroccan Style is all about the detail. Items that feature rich handiwork that appears to have taken a long time to complete will make perfect conversation pieces for any Moroccan themed living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Adding mosaic tilework to the walls or backsplashes of a kitchen are a colorful addition to any home décor. Lavish chandeliers, Moroccan rugs, and canopy beds are just a few items that can show plenty of detail for those willing to put the extra amount of work into their décor.

3. Bold Patterns Make Any Space the Focal Point of the Room

Bold patterns show up in all types of Moroccan artwork and handmade items. Create an astonishing look for less by using stencils for a DIY-friendly approach to intricate pattern styles that would be tedious to conquer by hand. Add a geometric pattern to the fireplace. Enhance the look by adding antique African figurines, artwork, and ceramics to the mantle.

4. Use Colors Found in Nature

Moroccan design often stems from the colors of nature. Blue is a popular choice found in most Moroccan home décor, as it depicts the colors of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Gold and yellow hues are also very common with this style since the deserts surround the Kingdom. Adding a colorful Moroccan rug to any living room along with a majestic chaise lounge, or inside a bedroom featuring linens with these common colors will help create the ideal Moroccan interior design.

5. Glamourous and Relaxing

When an African Kingdom inspire home interior design, you can expect there to be plenty of glitz and glamour. For those who want to achieve the ultimate Moroccan look in their homes, leather furnishings and hand-made items such as embroidered upholstery or large hand-sewn blankets will set off any design. It’s also good to add a contemporary twist to this royal style. This can add part of the homeowner’s personality and style to the mix. Also remember to keep the room as relaxing and inviting as possible by adding furnishings that exude comfort. A large bed covered in pillows that feature a Moroccan pattern can be ideal for the TV room or den.

Morocco is a land of mystery, elegance, and royalty. Therefore, it is no surprise that the home interior design inspired by this royal land and the people who live there is also very elegant and sophisticated. A Moroccan styled home can be just as glamorous as the owner desires. Or it can simply have a few accent pieces that show off their love for the Northern African culture. Regardless of how much or how little of this design they add to a home, it is sure to bring a delight to all those who inhabit the property.

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