The Spanish style home décor is very popular and is honestly quite ubiquitous, especially in the hallowed gated communities of wealth. People who are looking for a more Mediterranean vibe or a warm inviting European feel to their homes will do well with Spanish Style Homes.

For those who are looking for places where you can see a Spanish style house, then you can look at the older part of town in California. Florida and Hawaii have a lot of homes in this style as well. Of course, other parts of the country have a lot of architecture inspired by a Hispanic touch.

While a big majority of houses in the country are usually inspired by English influences like the Colonial Revival or the Queen Anne kind of architecture, the Spanish design is more often pronounced in the southwestern part due to the accommodating weather and the fact that a lot of Spanish style homes can be found near the area.

Identifying Spanish-style Interior Design

While this is a very simplistic generalization, and of course, there are always exceptions, the surrounding theme of the community the family is living in has a big impact.

Also, due to practical purposes, there are usually only one or a few architects and designers who work for the community which makes the theme or unity of design more homogeneous.

For a house to be properly termed as a Spanish style home, both the interior and exterior must have a consistent theme. Just because the house has Spanish Décor inside it does not mean it is truly a Spanish Style Home.

One of the leading design concepts nowadays is of syncretism, where one takes inspiration from a lot of design philosophies and school. Here are a few things that you should know about Spanish style homes.

The Spanish House Exterior

There are a few tell-tale signs that a house is heavily inspired by the beauty of Spain.

We look at the landscape, the porches, doors, and structure of the house itself.

  • Inviting charm. Most Spanish style houses have a rustic air and have that inviting charm. Having Spanish theme decorations on the exterior of your home would certainly help in getting that charming vibe, but it all starts with the space immediately outside your home.
  • Landscape. Spanish themed houses have lawns that have a lot of flowerbeds, with a path yard strewn with colorful flora. Large pots with small trees or big bushes that have flowers are a great way to welcome guests. Brown, green and dashes of black are typical, and this gives a relaxing start.
  • Curves and shapes. One thing that you will notice about Spanish style homes would be the presence of arches and curving steps. While the gate and main door may be rectangular, there are usually circular or semicircular shapes near the door like an arching gateway or flower beds.
  • Rustic and old style. As for the house itself, it may look like it has gone through a lot but that is mostly not the case. This is because the exterior most of the time are made of stucco. This is a construction material that is a mixture of water, sand, and cement. Sometimes even lime is added. This is actually a very old but reliable mixture which gives it a historic feel.
  • Traditional elements. There is usually a chimney-like structure at the terracotta roof of the house. This gives it the feeling of age as well even if the house is still brand new. This is an interesting design choice which may not be practical nowadays due to the presence of heaters and fireplaces, but it adds to the aesthetics of the house.
  • Balconies. You can also see balconies in a home, but that is not necessary however a big majority of Spanish style houses do have them.

The Spanish Interior

Unlike the more modern carpeted floor, Spanish style homes either have stone or wood as the flooring material. These also have a certain pattern or reason to them and have similar texture all throughout. This gives it the old wealth and classical feel of space and reliability. It helps bring warmth to the house as well.

Spanish decors are also very interesting with regards to material.

For furniture, wood is the preferred material, usually the Spanish cedar. This gives it an earthy and warm feeling of home.

As for the lamps and lanterns, and even the stairs and gates and window panes, iron is the sought-after material. The combination of wood and iron gives it an almost castle-like feeling like you are being transported to the medieval times of the Spanish Reconquista.

For those rooms that have tiles like the bathroom, you will notice that the tiles will actually cover not only the floor but also a part of the walls. This gives it the feeling of the space being connected and that will improve the overall ambience of either a relaxing bath or of a fun filled party at a patio.

Overall, Spanish themed decorations are easy to find but difficult to combine. However, just stay consistent with the theme of wood, iron, earth, and warmth, and you will definitely get the Spanish style that you want.

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