A living room is the first space that your guests step into, and how you decorate this space can set the mood for what your home feels like. While designing a bedroom or a kitchen can be relatively easier, creating the living room décor can be a challenge. This is especially true if your living room is a bit smaller. In this article, you’ll learn that smaller living rooms come with their own distinct set of advantages. You’ll also discover some small living room ideas that you can implement to decorate your space.

What Is Considered a Small Living Room?

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There’s no hard and fast rule that determines what a small living room precisely is. Nevertheless, designers and architects do have certain parameters that help identify a living room as a small, moderate, or spacious one. An extremely small living room typically measures less than 100 square feet and can be fit into dimensions such as 7-by-10 feet or 8-by-9 feet.

Living rooms that are slightly larger and measure a little over 100 square feet (but less than 150 square feet) are generally considered as small living rooms. These measurements can vary from one house to another, and ultimately, what determines if a living room is small or spacious is how it compares to the rest of the house.

Benefits of a Small Living Room

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Small living rooms are often looked down upon, and people looking for a new house to move into may dismiss a few listings if the drawing room isn’t spacious enough. But these spaces come with their own upsides and can be helpful in various ways. So, before we move on to explore some of the best small living room ideas, let’s take a look at the benefits that these compact spaces offer.

Maintenance Is Easier

Everyone who has the advantage of living in a house that has a tiny living room will tell you that the first benefit of this kind of a space is that it’s incredibly easy to clean and maintain. It takes much less time to dust the curtains and rugs, and you don’t have to allocate an entire day to get things sorted. Most small living room ideas are also emphatic about going minimal. This makes maintenance a breeze as it takes up very little time and energy.

Everyone who has the advantage of living in a house that has a tiny living room will tell you that the first benefit of this kind of a space is that it’s incredibly easy to clean and maintain. It takes much less time to dust the curtains and rugs, and you don’t have to allocate an entire day to get things sorted. Most small living room ideas are also emphatic about going minimal. This makes maintenance a breeze as it takes up very little time and energy.

It Encourages Minimalism

Minimalism is one of the most stress-free small living room ideas you can ever implement. It reduces clutter drastically and promotes calmness and relaxation. In most small living rooms, minimalism isn’t so much of a choice as it is a necessity. Studio apartments, for instance, call for keeping the furnishings to a bare minimum and eliminating unnecessary paraphernalia. This makes a small living room seem spacious and more inviting.

You Save a Lot of Money

Larger rooms need to be decorated with the necessary pieces of furniture and an adequate level of furnishings in order to fill the space correctly and make it seem warm and welcoming. By comparison, smaller living rooms are cheaper to decorate, and you can save a lot of money if you’re living in a house that has a compact living room. All you need is one eye-catching piece of furniture to place as the central element, and you’re pretty much set.

Customization Is Possible

Another advantage of a living room that comes with a limited space is that it allows you to decorate it in a more personal manner. While larger spaces tend to feel more organized and lifeless, smaller living rooms can be brought alive by the use of customized décor that reflects your personal preferences and tastes. It’s easier to achieve this in smaller living rooms because there’s a lot less space that needs to be done up.

It’s Easier to Organize

One of the core principles of small living room ideas is that the miscellaneous items and unnecessary paraphernalia are all gotten rid of. Consequently, it becomes easier to organize whatever is left behind. Tight quarters also encourage you to think twice about what you add to the environment, so you don’t wake up one day to find your small living room cluttered all over again. This goes to prove that small spaces aren’t just easy to organize, but they’re more likely to stay that way as well.

Top 10 Small Living Room Ideas

Decorating a small living room may seem easy at first glance. However, doing it up the wrong way can make the area feel cramped and uncomfortable. To help you avoid this mistake, here’s a list of the top ten small living room ideas that can transform your compact living room into a beautiful and roomy place.

1. Scale Down Your Furniture

One of the easiest small living room ideas to implement is scaling down your furniture. In most small rooms, all the typical pieces of living room furniture need not be included. It’s perfectly fine to include simply one impressive sofa set and to do away with the other elements like coffee tables, bookshelves, tabletop displays, and ottomans. Instead, consider using wall-mounted shelves and floating workstations that take up very little space.

2. Emphasize the Best feature of a Room

One of the most effective ways to make a small space seem larger is to draw attention to some of the best features of a room. Analyze all the elements in your room and select one or two items of décor that you believe are the focal points of the space. It could be an impressive fireplace, or it could be a tall shelf that houses scores of books. Whatever the best features of your small living room are, focus on accentuating them further.

3. Go All White (or Remain Neutral)

When it comes to small living room ideas that deal with color, white is generally accepted as the ideal choice. White reflects light and offers the much-needed illusion of a larger space. Pairing white walls with white furniture may seem absurd until you actually do it. If you’re apprehensive about using white, try opting for neutral colors instead, such as beige or ivory, which all have a similar effect. To make your living room appear lively, infuse a pop of color and a few elements of attractive texture.

4. Limit the Use of Furnishings

In a small living room, you generally don’t have the luxury of adding on too many layers or throwing in several elements of furnishings, like multiple curtains, numerous cushions, or an extra rug or two. Instead, it’s best to keep the furnishings to a bare minimum and to only use as many rugs and curtains as needed. It may be a vast change to get used to, but once you take up this practice, you’ll find that your living room becomes much easier to maintain.

5. Bring In the Mirrors

When it comes to implementing small living room ideas, one of the go-to tricks that interior designers use is the concept of decorating with mirrors. Mirrors reflect the existing space, and when placed strategically, they can expand the line of sight and make an area appear larger. One of the best ways to use a mirror is to place it opposite the window in your living room, so it reflects the view and acts like another window.

6. Use Lighting to Your Advantage

Clever and strategic lighting can also enhance your small living room. Instead of adding to the clutter by bringing in a floor lamp or including a tabletop lamp for each corner of the room, play with the lighting. Use smart solutions like recessed lamps to bring in some light without taking up too much space. Another one of the many workable small living room ideas is to include hidden lighting under the sofa or the bench. As for daytime, let in the most natural light as you can.

7. Pick Up Some Functional Furniture

If you aren’t comfortable with the idea of limiting your furniture, your best bet is to make use of functional pieces that can be used for multiple purposes. These pieces of multi-purpose furniture can come in handy if you face problems with storage because they combine multiple functions. One such example is a couch that comes with additional shelves at the bottom which can be drawn out and used to store miscellaneous items.

8. Get the Rug Right

The rug you choose can quite truly make or break your space. So, when you go shopping for a rug, make sure that you pick the right kind. For starters, it’s best to choose a rug that comes in a solid color or a patterned rug that has small, repeating patterns. Another workable idea is to use multiple rugs under each piece of furniture, to add the illusion of space. Lastly, get a rug that doesn’t envelop the entire room. Ensure that a bit of your actual flooring comes through.

9. Dial down the Clutter

When it comes to small living room ideas, there are some that need to be followed unwaveringly. Ridding your room of unnecessary clutter is one such a principle. Not only does clutter automatically give the effect of shrinking down space, but it also makes your room harder to maintain. It’s best to keep the accessories to a minimum or to eliminate it altogether if that’s feasible.

10. Make Use of Vertical Space

Most small living rooms come with high ceilings. And even if yours doesn’t, you can still use design to your advantage and make your room appear taller. One way to do this is to use vertical lines in your décors, such as striped curtains or vertical shelves. Another way to make use of vertical space is to place your wall hangings a bit higher than you generally would, thus drawing attention to the upper parts of the room.


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While it may not be possible to put all of these small living room ideas into effect, it’s certainly easier to pick a couple or more of ideas that you can implement at short notice and to take it from there. Eventually, as you begin to grasp the idea of playing around with the room, you’ll figure out how to go from there. And before you know it, your small living room will appear anything but small.

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