If you are watching HGTV or reading interior design magazines, it seems like everyone has huge master bedrooms that have a sitting area, a small office, and a king-size bed. But the truth is most people are living in a small apartment in a large city, a vintage home, or are downsizing and looking for small bedroom ideas. Making your small space look just as luxurious and stylish as a larger one is actually easier than you think. This article will give you a lot of small bedroom ideas to turn your sleeping space into a place you’ll love.

10 Best Small Bedroom Ideas

1. Skip the Bulky Bedframe

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Replace your large head and footboard frame with a simpler and more modern look. Any extra space can be vital in a small bedroom, so try to find a frame that does not extend further than the perimeter of the mattress. Choose a skinnier, shorter headboard that will save you space. A large or tall headboard will only take up wall space that could be better suited for art and décor. If you do choose to go bulky, make sure that there is storage or lighting built-in to the headboard at least.

2. Elevated sleeping

When floor space is limited, every square foot matters, so consider adding a loft or platform for your sleeping area. This is not an option for everyone, but if your ceilings are high enough, this can be a very unique option if you don’t mind climbing into bed.

3. Mount Lighting

Similar to a hotel room, a mounted light source takes up less space than table lamps. It can also eliminate the need for a traditional nightstand, allowing you to get more creative with your small bedroom ideas. This small bedroom idea can also be achieved by hanging lights from the ceiling as well.

4. Multi-purpose Furniture

When living in a studio, a great way to consolidate space is having a piece of furniture that can be used in multiple ways. A cozy daybed can double as a couch during the day and your bed at night. Having a corner desk can allow you a working space and a nightstand if the placement is close enough to your bed. A nesting table is also one of the more creative small bedroom ideas. You can pull one out from under an end table or nightstand as a small desk or extra table space.

5. Find Balance

A balanced bedroom maximizes the impression of space. Having objects that mirror each other on either side of the bed or room is another good small bedroom idea. If your walls are a light color or white, then having darker colors low to the floor creates an elongating effect.

6. A Tall Bookshelf

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An easy way to separate spaces in an efficiency or studio bedroom is using a taller bookshelf. This adds a partial partition that doubles as an added storage space and delineates between sleeping and living spaces.

7. The Murphy Bed Is Back

Developed in the 1900s, the Murphy bed is a space-saving design marvel and a great addition to small bedroom ideas. The bed folds up into the wall, so you now have the option of getting a larger mattress. Now your bedroom can have extra uses with reusable space.

8. Mount Your Television

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Another small bedroom idea to maximize space usage is mounting your television. Thanks to streaming services and TV wall mounts, lots of square footage can be conserved, though a TV-stand with an entertainment center can give extra storage options. Freeing up walking lanes by mounting your TV is invaluable.

9. Use the Foot of Your Bed

Don’t overlook the foot of the bed in your small bedroom ideas. A storage bench or short bookcase is a clever way to add more storage. Using baskets or crates can even give it a little more style. The storage bench can also double as a seating area to use with your nested tables.

10. Wall Mounted Vanity

Even in a limited space, you can still have a working vanity. All you need is a low profile set of drawers on a floating shelf and a wall-mounted mirror. Depending on the height of the vanity you can either make it standing or seated. A smart storage option is to use a folding stool or chair that can be stored in a closet or under the bed.

The Best Colors for Small Bedrooms

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Light Colors

Using lighter colors like white brightens up the space despite the absence of large wall space or windows. The more popular choices are usually Earth tones and neutrals including gray, green, and yellow. Adding patterns and textures to lampshades and rugs can keep the room from looking too cold and add personality.

Bright and Bold

If you are lacking in natural light, bright and bold colors can make a significant impact. A bright but soft teal on the walls catches the eye and adds depth to the room. Most colors are acceptable depending on your color palette and how you want to decorate. Pale bold colors in a high gloss can help reflect light to make the room seem brighter.

White, White, White

The color white is usually the default that most people go to with small bedrooms. One thing to worry about is having a room be too white. Too much of this good thing can leave a room looking sterile and cold. Softer tones of white like cream, butter, or ivory can give the room some warmth. White walls also give the other colors in your room more pop.

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Add Layers

When using blues, greens, and deep neutral shades, try layering different shades of the same color for the trim. This goes for the floor, curtains, and window treatments. This creates a unifying effect that adds depth.

Dark Colors

Done correctly, deep dark colors can help camouflage the size of a bedroom. Using charcoal or taupe will allow corners to appear to fade away, visually expanding the space. Having a dark-colored wall can also provide a receding illusion that makes the bedroom look larger.

Using Dimensions and Perspective

Magnify with Mirrors

Mirrors can help create the illusion of more space as well as up the natural light in a room if positioned correctly. The easiest way to incorporate one is to find a body-length mirror that can be mounted to a wall. A customized mirror with hooks or accessories can give you storage for hats, coats, purses, and scarves.

Add Wallpaper

A bold pattern accent wall behind the headboard can add depth and make your room look less cluttered. Just make sure it’s a large-scale pattern that coordinates with your bedding. The subtle pattern with white accent walls can really give your bedroom dimensions.

Think Vertically

Also, remember that you can have floor to ceiling storage. Thinking vertically will help you find unique places to store extra clothes or pillows. You can always build up when you run out of eye-level storage.

Storage and Placement

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The Corner Bed

In order to maximize floor space, place your bed against a wall or in a corner. You now will have more walking area for moving around your living space. This also allows your sleeping space to double as a sitting space if you add large throw pillows to your bedding

Hidden Storage Coffee Table

For a studio bedroom, clutter is the enemy, so it only makes sense to get a coffee table that doubles as a small storage unit. Pop-up tops and unsuspecting drawers will allow you to sneak away remotes, coasters, and magazines.

Under Bed Storage

Another way to maximize space in a small bedroom is to create extra storage underneath the bed. This can be built into the bed frame or just be a bunch of decorative bins or woven baskets. There are even bed designs that convert the underside of your bed into a walk-in closet.

Floating Shelves

This minimalistic way to add storage to your room can have many benefits and replace bulkier items like a nightstand, entry table, bookcase, or desk. You get the same effect from traditional shelves as well if you place them properly

Alcove or Wall Niche

An alcove is a cutout of the drywall, usually between two wood beams, and varying in depth. This allows you to create more storage without losing any square footage. The size of the alcove will depend on your wall dimensions, but even a small one can help you store some personal items, decorations, or even an alarm clock.


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Efficient living is a topic at the forefront nowadays as more people are moving into smaller houses, condominiums are building micro-units, and older buildings are being refurbished for modern living. But do not let the small square footage of your bedroom keep you from having a living space that reflects your style and personality. The best small bedroom ideas help you maximize your space, lighting, and organization skills. Figuring out how to utilize the ideas in this article can really show your creativity.

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