It’s easy to revamp spaces in your home that aren’t the right size to fit your needs. Check out these small bathroom ideas that not only look great but maximize the functionality of your space.

Top 26 Small Bathroom Ideas

It might seem like the only way to fix your tiny bathroom is to undergo a huge renovation, but that’s not the case. There are a plethora of creative design features and ideas to configure the space to make it both beautiful and functional.

The best part? Because it’s not a large area, you can keep your material costs down, and the project can be budget-friendly.

Here are 26 small bathroom ideas for how to design, configure, and coordinate your set-up that will maximize your space and look great with your home decor and design.

Keep the Walls Smooth

Keep the Walls Smooth

If you’re starting with a small space, it’s important to maximize the room that you have to move around. Remove anything that protrudes from the walls, like a towel bar or decorative shelving, as that can make a narrow room seem even tinier.

Instead, opt for built-in racks or options that hang on the back of the door to give you as much square footage as possible.

Maximize Space with a Corner Sink

Your bathroom sink is one of the simplest fixtures that you can swap out to give you more room.

One way you can improve the flow is to choose a sink that fits into a corner either across from the toilet or the shower to give you more floor space.

Install a Shower Curtain

If getting in and out of your shower is hard to navigate because the swinging door gets in the way, you might want to consider swapping your glass enclosure for a curtain.

Shower curtains are flexible and move around easily, which makes it less likely of bumping into them and hurting yourself when moving around in the bathroom.

Use the Ceiling


Making the most of your small powder or bathroom isn’t just about configuring the space appropriately. You can add design features that make it feel bigger without changing the layout.

If you have tall or valued ceilings, consider adding an artistic touch that draws the eye upwards and creates a feeling of space. Details like a blue sky with white clouds are a popular choice and can work well with several bathroom color schemes.

Opt for Clear Enclosures

If you don’t want to incorporate a shower curtain, or already have the framework for an enclosure in place, consider using clear glass with minimal hardware to maximize your sightline to make the room look bigger.

Look for Creative Storage Options

One of the most valuable resources in a modest bathroom is space, and figuring out where to store things like toilet paper, towels, and your toothbrush can be tricky.

Research small bathroom ideas that provide both storage and an attractive design feature.

Decorative hooks that go behind the door look pretty, and will hold your robe or towels in an inconspicuous location that doesn’t disrupt your flow.

Medicine cabinets or recessed shelving that rest inside the wall rather than extend out from it give you storage options that don’t get in the way when you’re moving around getting ready. There are loads of options that could work for you.

Install a Floating Vanity

Floating Vanity

If floor space is what you crave, consider installing a floating fixture like a vanity to give you more room.

Not only does it visually make the room look larger thanks to the open area below the vanity, but you then also have more space to maneuver, or to store essentials underneath.

Extend Your Countertops

If your existing configuration has your sink placed next to your toilet, you can give yourself more counter space with a simple extension.

Rather than have the two remain separate fixtures in your bathroom, instead replace your existing sink and countertop with one that extends over your toilet.

This extra room is perfect for storing items like rolls of toilet paper and doesn’t use up valuable wall space.

Look for Apartment-Sized Vanities

Whether you live in a condo, apartment, or home with limited space, one easy way to find fixtures that fit is to shop for apartment-sized items.

Many companies offer high-quality products in more than one size which makes it easy to choose one that will fit into a modest space.

Use Light Creatively

Use Light Creatively

If you’re dreaming of a bright bathroom with high ceilings but don’t have the budget for a complete gut job, you’re in luck. There are ways to play with lighting to visually trick your eyes into thinking the room is both larger and taller than it originally appears.

If you place wall sconces on the ceiling, for example, the uplighting technique can make the room look taller without having to raise the roof.

In narrow bathrooms, trick your eye by strategically placing illumination on one of the walls to create and look and feeling of depth.

Use a Diagonal Floor Pattern

Bathroom or shower tiles that are configured diagonally produce a visual illusion of more square footage. Try this pattern to make a long, galley-style room seem wider.

Hang Your Toilet

More visual floor space makes any room seem grander, and many companies make modern fixtures that make the look possible.

Consider replacing your toilet with an option that’s mounted directly to the wall and doesn’t need to touch the floor. Visually, a wall-hung model gives you more floor space, and you’ll have more foot room to maneuver around your fixtures too.

Install a Multi-Purpose Recessed Cabinet

Install a Multi-Purpose Recessed Cabinet

Medicine cabinets have evolved through the years, and today you can find an endless array of options that work with your cramped bathroom.

Choose an option that’s mirrored and designed to be recessed so that it sits inside your wall. The most popular versions have about four inches of depth which is enough space to set items like a toothbrush, deodorant, or medicine.

They come in a wide range of widths and heights, so you’re sure to find one that fits between the studs in your space.

Opt for Hooks

Towel racks are a bathroom standard, but they stick out from the walls and can take up space that you don’t have. Instead, opt for hooks that you integrate creatively into your design scheme to give you functionality without adding clutter.

Cut Down on Grout Lines

In limited spaces, big tiles with clean lines look best. If retiling is on your to-do list, opt for a design that uses large tiles which will minimize your grout lines and declutter your look. 

Consider Removing the Shower Door

Removing the Shower Door

A glass shower is a way to maximize your bathroom visually, but narrow spaces can’t always accommodate a door.

One way to incorporate glass without sacrificing functionality is to install a panel that blocks water from splashing out of your tub or shower rather than a swinging or sliding door.

From a design standpoint, it looks like a half-encased shower, which has a modern, visually- appealing style while still giving you lots of elbow room.

Get a Bigger Mirror

Creatively placed mirrors can also make cramped spaces look larger. Consider installing a mirrored wall that stretches across the room to give the illusion of more depth, and also let two people see themselves at one time.

Choose Paint Colors Thoughtfully

In small-scale spaces, busy patterns or prints can make things feel more cramped and cluttered. Instead, opt for a two-color scheme to enhance clean lines and open spaces. Pick a light wall color and a second, complementary color for trim and accessories.

Use Space Behind the Door

Towel hooks aren’t the only thing you can hide behind your bathroom door. Many companies offer creative small bathroom ideas like hanging medicine cabinets or storage cubbies that give you lots of vertical storage space and are hidden from immediate view when the door is open.

Keep the Design Simple

Simple Design

As much as we love creativity, too many elements can make your space look overdone and cluttered.

Remember to limit your use of things like:

  • Dramatic marble veining
  • Bright, bold patterns
  • Exotic tiles
  • Unique accessories

Be mindful of how your materials mesh together, and try not to incorporate too many different colors, patterns, and textures into your modest space.

Get Some Perspective

We’ve already revealed that you can use lighting and mirrors to add depth to your room, but there’s also another way to create visual dimension.

Choose artwork that highlights depth, like a landscape painted in perspective, to give you a sense of space. Be sure to pick a piece that matches your color and design scheme and is made from a martial that can withstand the damp, humid conditions in a bathroom.

Carve Into the Walls

Any type of recessed storage space that you can create without compromising the integrity of your home is a big win in a small bathroom.

You can carve out niches or install recessed cabinetry or shelving that give you more room without taking up floor or wall space.

Add Interest with Texture

Keep your color scheme simple, but add interesting textures to your design to transform your space. Look for accents that match your clean pallet, but that incorporate unique details like an antique mirror or chic fixtures to spice up your bathroom without overdoing it.

Build a Tile Wall

Tile Wall

Another trick that will make it look like your ceilings are higher is running your ceramic tile all the way up to the top. This makes the wall look taller, and you can enhance the effect by adding a band of accent tile near the top to draw your visual focus.

The Door Is Everything

A bathroom door is an essential element for privacy, but picking the right one can make or break your space. Ensure that it’s installed to swing out rather than open inwards to give you as much room to maneuver as possible.

You’ll also want to take care that it doesn’t block your access to the toilet or shower when it’s open as that is a significant design flaw.

Finally, if a door renovation is in the budget, consider installing a pocket door to make the best use of your floor space.

Go Glossy

If you want to go against the grain and use a darker paint color in your bathroom, opt for a hue that has a semi-gloss finish. Thanks to the sheen, these formulas will reflect a lot of light and make the room appear larger.

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