When it comes to furniture and décor, many of us overlook a simple trick that could save us money. When something breaks, we consider it broken. Kaput. We look for a replacement and throw the old item away.

But it just wasn’t sustainable enough. And this is why some creative people thought of repurposed home décor. It means that when something gets broken and can no longer serve its purpose, you re-purpose it and use it as something else.

Not convinced yet? Below you’ll find 13 amazing repurposing ideas. Start decorating your home today.

13 Repurposed Items for Your Home

1. Wall Organizer out of Wooden Shutter

Wooden shutters aren’t only useful outside – if the blinds are shut, there’s plenty of space for you to organize the mail, leave notes to your partner or children, and keep invitations things at hand.

2. Headboard from an Old Door

A used wooden door can prove useful in many ways, from clothes rack to shelves. But an unconventional and creative way to repurpose one is to create a new headboard for your bed. Remove the handle, take out any nails that can harm you, apply a coat of painting that matches the bed, and you’re ready!

3. Console from a Table That’s Lost a Leg

This one’s really simple – you need to cut the table in half and secure it to the wall with bolts. Then, you can use it as console to rest your keys or bags, or just a place to put a nice flower vase.

4. Garden Markers from Broken Flower Pots

Did any of the flowers pots break, and you don’t know what to do with them? Take the pieces and use them as garden markers to separate in between herbs.

5. Bench from an Old Dresser

Just a few coatings of paint and some cushions can get you a new bench for your outdoors. Remove any unnecessary strips of wood, but we recommend you leave the drawers in place – you can use them to deposit things you need while relaxing on the bench.

6. Desk out of an Unfunctional Table

Just like the console, a table that’s lost a leg can turn into a great desk. Keep the side with two functional legs, and secure it to the wall. In this case, it’s recommended you choose a sturdier table, because it’s supposed to support the weight of the monitor and be stable enough for you to type.

7. Tealight Candles from Bottle Caps

This repurposed idea is for those who enjoy spending time with crafts. All you need is some beeswax, a few bottle caps, some wicks, and fragrance. And lots, lots of patience.

8. Mosaic Ground Cover out of Broken Plates

There’s something special and artsy about broken plates, especially if they’re colorful. If you’ve got enough of them, you can create mosaic tiles or ground cover for otherwise dull places in your garden.

9. Refrigerator Magnets from Broken Jewelry

Alright, this one works best if the jewelry is not expensive. And everyone has some jewelry items that they love and wouldn’t throw away, even if they’re broken. Here’s a better use for them – stick them to a magnet and on the fridge.

10. Nightstand out of a Broken Desk

The desk is broken, but the drawers are still functional? Don’t shy away from turning them into a nightstand for your bedroom.

11. Unique Hangers out of Broken Chair Backs

A chair back with a wire attached can go a long way into innovating hangers. Depending on what kind of backs your chairs have, you can end up with multiple layering or even adherent hangers.

12. Table from a Washing Machine Drum

This one is rather eccentric, but if you think it’s too much, you can use the drum as base for an ottoman. Just add the glass and secure it to the drum if you want a table, or some protection, if you’re looking for seating.

13. Pet Bed from an Antique Suitcase

Why renovate the entire house and not treat the pets, as well? Take a vintage suitcase, fluff it with cushions, and invite your dog or kitten to their new home. They’ll probably invite themselves anyway if you don’t.

Think Outside the Box – Repurpose the Box

When your parents asked you to think outside the box, that’s what they wanted from you – to get creative and repurpose the box itself.

There are many things you can re-use differently, and you just have to keep your mind open and inspire yourself from what others have already done.

Innovate and help the planet by repurposing old items.


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