Home, sweet home.

There is no place like home, which also means that everyone should keep their house comfortable, not just for homeowners, but also for guests.

Building a house doesn’t just stop in having a beautiful architecture and exterior look. This also extends to the house’s interior decorating styles. In fact, interior designs are what make a house feel more like a home.

There are different interior design styles that can be used to enhance one’s home. Before, these styles are just classified as “Art Deco”, “Modern”, and “Arab.” However, people’s creativity is becoming more and more complex through time, giving birth to almost countless number of styles that everyone can choose.

“What is my decorating style?”

This is the question every person should ask before deciding on what interior design will fit their home. In order to come up with the best home decor styles that will suit your taste and personality, being familiar with different design elements will help you choose what’s best for you.

There are different types of decorating styles present today and below are some of the most popular choices we have gathered from expert designers.

Modern Style

The most common decorating style is the modern style. Today, this type of interior design style denotes that the decoration should be simple.

What is simple?

Modern style boasts the simplicity of colors that range from black and white to brown and gray, usually using different shades of each color. Home decors are only consisting of glass, plywood, and polished metal. If you step inside a modern styled-house, you will notice that it is undeniably clean with less embellishment.

Colors are also used in moderation. If there is one word to describe modern style in its entirety, it should be sleek.

Mid-Century Modern

This was the modern style back in the 1900s, which was believed to be inspired by the Art Deco style. Records say that one of the first people that introduced this kind of style was Frank Lloyd Wright, an architect and interior designer. This was the “first modern style” that peaked in the 1950s and 1960s, but now referred to as the mid-century modern style in interior designing.

The one thing to expect in the “mid-century” is there is always something “retro” about the style. Other distinguishing features that make it different from the simplicity of today’s modern style are the minimalist elements and the use natural shapes. It uses geometric forms as well as a combination of traditional and non-traditional decorations. Usually, the color palettes used are bold and dark.


According to Joybird, the third most searched decorating style in the US today is the Victorian style. It is the winning choice of most homeowners in 10 states. The name says it all – Victorian is the design that refers to the decorating style during the Victorian era.

Everyone is actually amazed with this interior design because of its elegance and antique-like vibe. Wallpaper is the star of the Victorian interior design, and then the prints and patterns of the fabrics.

Another thing that makes the Victorian interior design different from others is the color palette– just soft, warm tone like rose pink and lavender.

The lightings are also soft to give the room a warm, but elegant feel. Lastly, laces and stained glasses will never go out of style in a Victorian-inspired home. It exudes luxury and expensive luxury.


Just like the Victorian style, Boho is also back in the game.

People in 13 States of America are now considering the Bohemian as their favorite interior design. Bohemian styles are for free spirited people. If you want something that is colorful, rich in patterns, and a very vibrant home, then Bohemian style is for you.

This is one of the most popular trends today, not just in interior designs, but almost everything from clothes to furniture.

Here’s what Bohemian actually looks like – bright color palette, layers of rugs, pillows on the floor, and a lot more messy-like look, but very homey. Also, Bohemian style uses wood and metallic accents.


The contemporary style of interior designing is commonly interchanged with the modern style.

Although quite similar, there’s something else with the contemporary designs – these are more modern.


Modern style is a “fixed” style that was created years ago.

Meanwhile, contemporary is a changing style depending on what is the “trend” this year. This means that the style represents what is popular right now, and tomorrow, this will change. If right now, large windows are the latest trend, then that’s what contemporary style will be.

There are other styles that one should know, but these are the most common styles a large number of houses, commercial, and corporate buildings have.

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