Referred to as Farmhouse Style or Rural Style, Rustic Style Home Décor is a simple yet elegant way to add the peacefulness of the countryside to your home, no matter where you may live. While this look may be most popular in kitchen and dining room areas. The rustic style can easily be used to decorate all areas of the home including the bedroom, living room or den.

The Definition of Rustic Style Home Décor 

Rustic is an adjective that is used to describe things related to the countryside. In the interior design industry, the term “rustic” can apply to all areas of the great outdoors, and implementing plenty of natural elements such as wooden furniture and neutral tones.

These days, the word “rustic” has taken on a versatile meaning. One definition may not always be used to describe the rustic style that a homeowner has in mind.  What one individual may refer to as rustic home décor could be the opposite of another home owner’s description.

However, the good news is that this style is very flexible and there really isn’t a wrong or right way to complete a rustic room renovation. If the theme has an outdoor, pleasant feel that reminds the residents of the home of a peaceful part of the country, then the design should be correct.

Why Does Rustic Home Décor Work So Well?

A rustic interior provides us with a connection to our past that can be hard to turn away from. It can spark memories of playing outdoors as a child, visiting grandparents or other family members who lived in the countryside, or spending summer vacation from school in a rural town. While home owners may have their own personal reason for loving Farmhouse home décor, the peace and contentment that it provides are universal.

Rustic Modern Home Designs to Consider 

Those who are interested in adding a simpler tone to their modern home décor should consider the following decorating ideas to create the ideal rustic home décor look.

Rough-Hewn High Beams in the Kitchen or Dining Room

The architectural look of a rustic home will feature a style that emulates the past. From a log cabin exterior to natural wooden rough-hewn beams on the inside, when it comes to rustic home décor, the structure of the home itself can be part of the design. These au-natural looking beams will instantly transform any contemporary dining room into a rustic place to dine. They are also great for surrounding fireplaces, framing windows, or defining doorways.

Add a Rare Organic Touch to Any Room

When there is an abundance of mass-produced items in a room, it can take away from the rustic feel. While it’s not always possible to do away with modern conveniences just for the sake of interior design, it is possible to add organic items and repurpose them for modern use. Perhaps add an old-fashioned bathtub to a fully functional bathroom. Or replace contemporary furnishings with natural wooden pieces for instant rustic charm.

Add the Look of Weathered Materials

The bathroom may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking about rustic renovations, however, it offers plenty of opportunities to create an ideal farmhouse style washroom inside of a modern home. Add distressed wooden boards to the walls to create a layered look like that of an old rustic cabin. A wash basin with a large hammered metal bowl as a basin will create a look inspired by the pioneers, yet the plumbing is still fully functional. Add a few more items such as a weathered wicker basket or old antique wall art to create a farmhouse bathroom that is both quaint and convenient.

Warm, Earthy Tones Create a Peaceful and Inviting Atmosphere

The ideal palette for farmhouse home décor includes a variety of hues from flirtatious pastels to neutral tones and the colors of brilliant jewels. However, you shouldn’t take any color from nature and expect it to work well with rustic home décor. Bright and bold colors used in contemporary design such as lime green or magenta may not work as well as warm corals, denim blue, sunflower yellow, brilliant red or turquoise are excellent shades to work with for any room in the home.

Make Good Use of Repurposed Items

One major element of rustic style is that it is all about creating something new out of items that were believed to be useless. Also known as repurposing, this can include anything from transforming wooden crates into shelves for the bathroom or creating a new sink basin out of an old weathered metal pail.

And if you don’t know how to repurpose items yourself, there are plenty of shops and boutiques where experts in restoration will happily sell one of their custom creations to you.

The simplistic look of rustic style home décor can add a different type of beauty and elegance to any home. Using natural elements such as weathered wood, and decorating with distressed materials can easily transform any traditional home into a rustic location worthy of the countryside.

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