Everyone needs a space to do their laundry. It is a space where adults have to go to ensure they have clean clothes, but it also is a space where parents can teach their children how to clean their own things to ensure a functioning society. No one enjoys being in a place that brings them down, so why not build a place that is comfortable, chic, and downright functional? We’ve put together a list of the top 10 laundry room ideas below.

Why Focus on Laundry Room Ideas and Design?

Laundry room design is becoming increasingly important to people in their homes. A laundry room isn’t just where you throw your clothes and your mom washes them on a scrub board then hangs them up outside to dry. (Although if she still does, what a blessing!) This room is a go to for everyone in the home, because laundry doesn’t do itself.

Adults end up spending more time in this room than anyone could imagine, so the room needs to allow those users to feel welcome and even excited to spend time there. Upgrading is important, and the laundry room often gets left behind because people don’t see it as important as other rooms. However, with some quick and easy changes, you can make your laundry room a center point in your home.


Peg Board

Peg boards are a useful tool in a laundry room design. Not only can you hang pegs from it to allow for a space to place hangers or even dry a few shirts, but the peg board allows for a better functionality on a larger scale. This laundry room idea allows you to put away tools for the room like an ironing board, broom, or even a basket to hold cleaning supplies.

People also use peg boards to hang small boxes or bags to store used lint in. When using the peg board you can really make it an all around board, putting up dry erase areas to give yourself reminders, like if you need detergent, you can’t dry those pieces of clothing, or just a nice “you got this.”  It really pushes a small space into have more purposeful use.

Hidden Drying Rack

A hidden drying rack can be incredibly beneficial to a small or large laundry room space. Having an area that pulls down or out, or even comes up, to allow clothes to dry on is great. There are so many items that are not dryer friendly, so those items have to air dry. Having a hidden rack allows for the launder to use the rack, and the rack can back into hiding. It doesn’t take up any more space than you already have, but it maximizes how you use the space. What a great laundry room idea.

Vibrant Theme

Okay, so most laundry rooms are often tucked away in a dark area of your home. or even just a closest, so the space needs to be bright and welcoming. Having a bland laundry room color is just depressing. Most adults will spend at least an afternoon a week doing laundry, if not more, and to keep them in a room that pulls their mood down is definitely not okay in our book. We suggest using bright colors to make the space pop.

Maybe you don’t like bright colors and you would rather do an upscale theme. Go for it! The laundry room is essential in everyone’s home, and it needs to be a space you enjoy going into so you don’t hate having to do your laundry. Laundry is going to have to be done whether you like it or not. You might as well enjoy the space. You could even do a space theme. I mean, I’m sure some of those stains are out of this world.

Counter Space

This is a must in most homes. Counter space allows a person to have an area to put their laundry basket and a place to fold clothes. Counter space also gives a person more surface area to spread out clothes to check for stains and items in pockets of jeans, shirts, and jackets.

Having a counter space helps keep you from breaking your back from bending down to get your clothes out of the basket. Folding laundry is something no one really wants to do, but we’ve all got to do it anyway. Providing an area that will help people do an unfavorable task seems smart in our book. Laundry room ideas like this are what help more people enjoy doing laundry.


Every person loves having ample cabinet space, but having this space in the laundry room is critical. Cabinets in the laundry room are where people can store their detergents, fabric softeners, and other cleaning supplies. They also provide room to store laundry baskets, hangers, and extra items of clothing (there are always socks without their matches). Not to mention that many laundry rooms double other rooms, like for storing sports equipment, or are a mud room, or a room for your pets. Having cabinets allows people to store anything and everything they need to in its designated area.

Hidden Ironing Board

Ironing boards are bulky and take up more space than any person would want. In many older homes, they hid the ironing board in a cupboard to make more space in the room they put it in. This is a wonderful idea that is coming back into many new homes. Instead of having to find a place for the ironing board, they can place it in a drawer that pulls out, or even in a cupboard that opens to it. Most hidden ironing boards even have a space to put your iron too.

Crisp Whites

Color is everything and utilizing the cleanliness of a white laundry room is epic. Using white to make your laundry room feel bigger is an easy way to enhance your space. We always associate crisp white linens with cleanliness and freshness, so by making the theme all white, this makes people feel their area is clean and modern.

Providing a space to hang dress shirts to dry and not shrink is majorly important to many business men and women. Having a space that is all white and putting a white curtain rod in between two cabinets will allow for a space that looks like the shirts are drying in midair, as opposed to drying on a standard floor rack. This is one of the greatest laundry room ideas.

Rustic Charm

Laundry room ideas have increasingly become more about atmosphere. Having a rustic charm is a huge calming factor to many people. Rustic is in! It’s chic and modern, while being classic and upscale. People want to use barn doors to show off their special spaces because it is inviting. Many rustic items remind people of a simpler time. In a rustic laundry room you’re bound to see different styles of woods, iron, burlap, and rope. Rustic charm is a beautiful and simple way to create a happy and simple space to wash your laundry in.

Upgrade Lighting

As mentioned earlier many laundry rooms are in dark places. Which means lighting is an issue. Upgrading lighting in a laundry can go from stink to chic. This room needs good lighting, so brighter fixtures that hang, or even recessed lights in the ceiling will help the room shine. Installing lights underneath the cabinets or recessed wall lighting will brighten the room.

Lighting in laundry rooms is important, because you want to see when there is a stain, so you as the launder have the chance to ensure your clothes are properly clean. These laundry room ideas make any room shine brightly.

Farmhouse Sink

A farmhouse sink is an elegant touch to any laundry room. Having a sink in your laundry room isn’t a must, but it makes things easier. Having to pre-wash clothes (many because stains are deep and mud, blood, and grass don’t always come out so easily) is, unfortunately, a natural part of washing your laundry. The farmhouse sink allows you to soak an article of clothing in what seems like less water. In reality, it is because you don’t have to make sure not to hit it and spill water all over yourself. The farmhouse sink makes any laundry room a classier environment to wash and dry clothes in.


Any of these laundry room ideas would be an excellent upgrade to your laundry room. Not everyone is going to opt for modern and chic. Some want that rustic old school feel to their laundry rooms. Choosing a theme and making sure you are happy and comfortable are the most important things.

Make sure your laundry room has proper lighting so you can see and be able to sort, remove stains, and wash/ dry your clothing. Laundry is a necessity in every single person’s life. No one can go without having laundry done. So why continue to have laundry rooms that are bland and lifeless when adding a few designs can spruce up any ordinary laundry room to make it extraordinary?


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