The Industrial Revolution drastically changed how many people earned a living between the 18th and 19th centuries. The surge of Industrialization in the workplace added the use of machinery to help workers complete tasks faster so that they could produce products in bulk to meet demand. The use of iron, various metals, textiles are still immensely popular today, yet in a surprising new industry, home interior design.

Why Industrial Style Home Décor is Such a Popular Trend in the 21st Century 

What once wasn’t considered a style of home décor at all has transformed the way that interior designers look at rustic metal. Over the years homeowners have begun to appreciate the mixture of modern style and vintage flair that industrial home décor can bring to any room.

These items such as light fixtures featuring brassy tones or furnishing that have accents made from old gears have exceptional visual appeal.

When industrial style came onto the scene it captivated all types of homeowners and now it shows no signs of slowing down. Everyone from amateur or advanced design experts are now searching through metal scrap yards to find that perfect piece to renovate a living room, bathroom, or dining area.

The old saying that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure couldn’t be truer these days in the interior design industry. One of the best things about this décor is that it can work in multi-million-dollar mansions just as well as it works in the average family home.

Adding Industrial Style to the Modernized Home 

Any home owner looking for a way to set their style apart from all the rest should use industrial home décor. One main reason why this style works so well is because of the substantial quality of the items used. These strong metal, iron, and copper items that were once used in heavy machinery were designed to last throughout years of use. Even if they were heavily used in the past, they are still strong and durable enough to be repurposed today.

Industrial décor can help bring out the beauty of everyday items. Adding a coat of paint to an old metal chair once used by a factory worker can transform this necessary item into a trendy barstool. Re-wiring industrial light fixtures allow these items to live on and illuminate a home using items that honor the past. Each piece tells a story of the past and can help any host strike up a conversation with their guests regarding how they came across these fascinating items.

The Best Industrial Furniture for the Living Room and Kitchen 

To find the right industrial furniture pieces, it’s important to remember that you should look for pieces that are stylish, yet functional. Industrial items were used to help shape our country’s workforce hundreds of years ago. Therefore, these repurposed pieces shouldn’t simply be visually stunning, but they should also serve a functional purpose.

Many people use industrial components to create artistic light fixtures throughout their home. But the functional side of this décor can go much farther than that. Using an old metal caster to create a portable shelf for the kitchen, or creating patio furniture out of exposed metal materials are excellent ways to breathe new life into these retired items and allow them to serve a purpose once again.

Copper can make a beautiful addition to any kitchen or dining room area. While it may be a trending fad with new kitchen products, the use of old copper items for decorations or functional purposes is a great way to add an industrial look to your cooking space.

How to Make Industrial Décor Work 

When adding industrial décor to any space, it’s important to change other aspects of the room’s décor so that everything flows well. Keep bright and colorful modern wall art to a minimum or replace with black and white photos that have a wide mat and simple frame.

The industrial color scheme should be cool and neutral. While many may envision the ideal palette for this style to be various tones of gray, and they are right, there is still some room for small hints of color. Choose from slate blue, plum, indigo, or moss colors that have dark undertones. If you must add a burst of color, stick with small amounts of tangerine, citron, or fuchsia for the best effect.

To keep any room from feeling one dimensional, add various light and deep shades of gray or slate blue. Remember that industrial style has a unique built-in texture therefore if any room has a flat feeling, adding more textured material such as concrete or corrugated metals can help.

Industrial style home décor allows us to honor the past inside our modern home. From small accents such as using nuts, bolts, and gears as accent pieces on modern furniture, to creating a bold chandelier using pieces taken from old machinery, the industrial revolution lives on hundreds of years after it all began thanks to this new and appreciative form of home décor.

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