Do you love being at the beach? Would you prefer to spend your vacation time lounging in the sun next to the turquoise waters and a white sand beach instead of spending it in a cabin in the snow?

If so, you’ve probably considered how wonderful it would be to live in a house on the beach.

Every time you close your eyes and think about it, a sense of calm washes over you as you envision the warm sun upon your skin and the fresh air blowing in through the windows. And you can almost hear the waves, can’t you?

Even if you don’t have a beach house, you can decorate your house with the beach in mind by incorporating coastal home décor.

Coastal Home Décor – Inspiration from a Variety of Seascapes

Before you go out and start buying decorative starfish and dolphin-shaped wind chimes, it’s important to figure out which beach you want to emulate.

There are, after all, a variety of beaches to choose from. And if you went to each area and looked at the beach houses there, you’d find that décor from one coast differs from another.

These are some of the most popular styles. Does one fit your taste?

1. California Beach Décor

California beach style is one that’s very laid back but with an air of sophistication.

The colors used most often include white, beige (like the sand), turquoise, light blue, and green. Flooring is typically light colored woods or tiles.

Something that sets the California coast apart from the East coast is the influence of Mexico. You’ll find that some homeowners incorporate Mexican tiles and a splash of bright colors here and there that are popular in the homes in Mexico.

2. Inspiration from East Coast Beaches

Like the California-inspired beach homes, East coast beach homes utilize a lot of white, as well as airy materials.

The difference comes in the use of materials and colors.

East coast beach homes tend to have darker woods, more red accents, and darker blues.

If you want something reminiscent of lobster and clam bakes – you should definitely try an East coast slant with your coastal home décor.

3. Beach House Décor from the Islands

Would you like your home to remind you of a home on an island like Jamaica? Then you’ll definitely want to add more color.

Homes on the islands portray feelings of joy, like a party is just around the corner. In these homes, you might find a bedroom with bright purple walls and a kitchen with pink accents.

While you might not want to go that far with your beach house décor, you can incorporate more of these bright, happy colors into your décor. They’ll put a smile on your face and make you want to do a happy dance around your house every time you see them.

4 Ways to Incorporate the Breezy Beach Look Into Your Home

Now that you have a sense of which beach style fits your taste the best, now you can proceed with adding beach décor touches to your home. Try these four tips and enjoy the transformation.

1. Try Nautical Décor

Your love of the coast doesn’t have to be confined to the beach. If you love the sea, sail boats, and all things nautical, you can incorporate a few nautical décor pieces into your home.

There are a number of ways to do this.

  • You can do it with color – White and dark blue are the colors of naval officers. Try a white and blue striped comforter for your bed.
  • A nautical focal wall – Again, you can do this with color: white walls with one dark blue wall. Or, you can make a focal wall with nautical themed wallpaper, like anchors or ships.

2. Add Some Wicker to Your Room

Coastal themed homes tend to be more relaxed, and wicker furniture can add that feeling to a room.

Furniture made of heavier woods or completely covered in fabric can look heavy, taking away from the light, breezy feeling you want.

You can add a wicker settee, chair, or even Roman shades made of wicker.

3. Add the Colors of the Beach

If you add too much white to your space, you could end up looking like you’re going for a modern, minimalistic, or Scandinavian look.

The best way to ensure that everyone knows you’re going for coastal look is to add the colors of the ocean.

Try white furniture and light turquoise walls. Or, white walls with light blue pillows and a throw.

Get Inspiration from the Beach Even If You’re Hundreds of Miles Away

As a lover of the beach, you’re probably like thousands of other people who would love to live in a home right on the beach.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a reality for most people. But you can take inspiration from the beach by incorporating coastal décor into your home.

By doing this, you’ll bring the comfortable, breezy feeling of the coast to your space – even if you live hundreds or thousands of miles from the coast.

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