With Pantone announcing the new color of 2018, it’s already that time of the year to rethink your home interior design. In case you were wondering, the trademark shade for 2018 is ultraviolet, one of the most luxurious colors there is.

New Design Trends for Your New Year’s Resolution

If giving your house a makeover is on your wish list for the next year, then take a peek at the following seven home trends that the specialists recommend us to choose.

1. Natural Shades and Textures

More than ever in the last couple of years, people are looking for simplicity and authenticity. And natural shades and textures offer both. Be it a wooden bowl or a flower vase made out of clay, this year is the moment to turn to earthy materials and colors.

2. Neutral Colors

A neutral palette evokes elegance and simplicity that is hard to top. Moreover, it goes hand in hand with the natural materials that are IN this year.

3. Curved Furniture

The furniture maintains the same natural note as the previous ideas. As opposed to geometrically shaped furniture, which is perceived as being edgier, a rounded sofa enlivens your living room and makes it friendlier and more inviting.

4. Floral Prints

In a neutral colored setting, floral prints are precisely the anchor that stands out. Luckily, this print never goes out of fashion – it just metamorphosizes.

One year it’s a myriad of small flowers, the next one is large, bold flowery patterns. Yes, that is the trademark for this year – bold patterns that catch the eye.

The upside is that you can use the pattern in various contexts – from upholstery to rugs or the paintings on the walls.

5. Brass Accents

The clean look of stainless steel is already obsolete. Moreover, we tend to associate it with the minimalist style that we’re trying to correct because it’s simply lifeless. Brass accents, on the other hand, are the characteristic of the vintage style, which is perceived as being more friendly and warm.

Don’t be afraid to replace or refinish the faucets and handles. They are a great and cheap way to change the way your house looks with little effort.

6. Olive Green

Besides ultraviolet which is the shade of the year, olive green makes a great comeback. Needless to say, it complements the star tone so that you can match the curtains with the wall color.

Please note that eccentric wall colors are out this year, so probably the best combination involves ultraviolet curtains.

7. Lavender

Just like ultraviolet, lavender is a soft tone that can be matched with olive green and all the neutral colors. Together, they create the feeling of a warm, cozy home you wouldn’t want to leave.

3 Trends You Should Leave Behind in 2017

A fresh-looking home is not only created by the newest trends, but also by disposing of the obsolete styles of the past years. Here’s what you should take out:

1. Word Art

Word Art has gained so much ground over the last years, it has become tiresome. It’s like you’d make a wall tattoo. Fortunately, you can cover it much quicker, and with less money.

Except for vintage signs and crafts that contain words, it’s recommended you get rid of all the literal expressions in your home.

2. All-White Interior (Especially for Kitchen and Bathroom)

An all-white design is depressing. Here, someone finally said it. Even if white is the expression of cleanliness, a trait appropriate for both kitchen and bathroom, designing any of them with all-white furniture makes them dull.

We don’t know if it’s because the trend has been overused (just like word art) or because it lacks emotion and that’s the last thing people are searching for in a home. But we do advise you to jazz up your rooms with a bit of color.

3. Pompons and Tchotchkes

Even if the scale weighs more on the traditional and less on minimalist style, it doesn’t mean you should fill up your house with tchotchkes. In fact, the interior design trends of 2018 appear to be a moderate compromise between the two. Make your choices wise.

What Is the New Trend for Your House Design?

After reading all the home trends and design styles for 2018, it’s time you decided what suits best your home and your personality. Maybe flowers aren’t really your thing, regardless of how IN they are all the time. Or you prefer the edgy look of stainless steel faucets in the bathroom.

Pick your favorites and start writing down the resolutions for your ideal home in the new year.

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