Hollywood in the 1930s is one of the most decadent decades in movie-making history.

Everything was larger than life, glamorous, and sparkling. From the big band orchestras to the long, flowing evening dresses worn by Hollywood starlets – this was a time of fascinating, dazzling glamour.

This year, home designers are bringing vintage Hollywood into their home fashion designs.

If you’re a fan of Hollywood’s Golden Age, you are going to love Hollywood Regency design.

Hollywood Regency – How to Add Hollywood Glam to Your Home

What’s the best way to pay homage to this fabulous period in Hollywood history?

You can do this by adding regency furniture and Hollywood glam design to your home, of course.

Here are just a few ways you can add Hollywood Regency Style to various rooms in your home.

1. Lacquer Furniture

One thing that can be said about this age of Hollywood is that it sparkled. Everything was shiny – from the floors to the ceilings and everything in between.

To add some of that sparkling glam to your home, try adding some lacquer furniture to your home design.

You can do this by purchasing lacquer furniture or by buying some shiny spray paint and updating pieces you already have.

This type of shiny furniture lets you take your glam look in nearly any direction: artsy, contemporary, or strictly 1930s Hollywood glam.

2. Invest in Vintage Pieces

If you really want the look and feel of Hollywood Regency – invest in some vintage pieces from that era. Whether you want to use these pieces to decorate an entire room (or your entire house) or you just want to add a few glam touches here and there, vintage pieces will add a lot to your space.

Not everyone can afford a sofa that Bette Davis sat upon, but you might be able to add smaller pieces, like a mirror, lacquer jewelry boxes, or a fabulous vintage headboard.

3. Utilize Crisp Neutrals

Neutrals were a big part of this glam period. Many homes and movie sets were designed in fantastic neutrals, like black, white, and gray. Commonly added were gold and silver, so much so that they were almost considered neutrals themselves.

A neutral backdrop allows you to brilliantly colored pieces – like a rich, red velvet couch – that will pop.

It’s easy to add neutrals to your home’s palate. Simply find some bright white paint for the walls, add black and white wallpaper for a feature wall, and dark gray carpet.

4. Regency Furniture is a Mix of Other Styles

Sometimes, people get too caught up with labels. This can cause a lot of confusion and often makes it difficult to shop for furniture.

One of the things that makes regency furniture so great is that it’s actually a mish-mash of other styles. When you look closely at the furniture of this time period, you’ll find inspiration from art deco, modern, neoclassical, and chinoiserie styles.

When you shop for new or vintage pieces to fit your Hollywood Regency style, don’t limit yourself. Do some research and find pieces that will fit in with the glam style you desire.

5. The Focus Is Not on the TV

The majority of people arrange the furniture of their main living space around the television. If you tried to do that with regency furniture, that would miss one of the purposes of this design style.

The 1930s were all about socializing – visiting, eating, drinking, and dancing with people that were just as fabulous as their host.

Furniture in a regency living room should be arranged with that in mind. Seating areas should be arranged in a way that encourages conversation during cocktail hour.

If at all possible, camouflage your television or simply don’t make it the main feature of your room.

6. Smaller Furniture Pieces, Larger Wallpaper Prints

We live in an era when overstuffed furniture is the go-to choice for most people in the market for new pieces.

However, Regency Style pieces are typically smaller, more streamlined than today’s styles.

When it comes to wallpaper, though, bigger designs are always preferred.

Whether you want pinstripes or a floral print, you’ll find that the designs of this period are way more in-your-face than what most people are currently used to.

Hollywood Style – the Epitome of Elegance, Sophistication, and Flair 

Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Clark Gable are just some of the famous gents of 1930s Hollywood that made it so special. They were suave, classy, sexy, and sophisticated.

Their leading ladies included Greta Garbo, Rita Hayworth, and Carol Lombard. These women were some of the most beautiful, strong, refined, and enchanting actresses ever.

Of course, we wouldn’t want to forget Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers – two of the greatest American dancers of all time. Astaire was often in a tux, while Rogers wore long, flowing gowns that were perfect for floating across grand dance floors of the era.

If you love 1930s Hollywood and everything it brings to mind, you should definitely consider adding some Hollywood Regency Style touches to your next home remodel.

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