Nothing brightens a yard like a dashing display of daffodils and hydrangeas or a stylish rearrangement of yard decorations. The first aspect of a house that visitors and guests see is the exterior, which is why gardens are so important. They are also the perfect way to bring a bit of nature into your life if you live in a city and sometimes feel suffocated by the concrete jungle. If you love your garden but are feeling the need to spruce it up, these garden ideas might be your solution to the perfect yard.

There are many varieties and styles of gardens–butterfly gardens, Japanese style, modern–and it’s up to you to find the one that best fits your aesthetic tastes. There are many options when deciding how to create the ideal floral paradise to border your home. It is important to consider the color and style of your house in order to avoid clashing styles, which can be disconcerting and unpleasant to the eye. You also should take into account the climate and weather patterns of your area to avoid the disappointment of a half-alive garden and a decrease in your property’s curb appeal.

Garden Ideas: Adding Long-Lasting Flowers to Flower Beds

One of the most cost effective and practical garden ideas that will transform your garden is to plant perennials, which are flowers that bloom each year. You only need to plant them once and you will have flowers for a lifetime! An easy trick that even the most amateur gardener can employ is to divide your perennials, which is an effective way to save money since you only need a few plants.


Planting Perennials

Simply pull each plant into two or three pieces, each with some stalks and root. Then, dig a hole and plant each clump in a different part of your garden, spreading the beauty of the perennials throughout the space. You can continue dividing perennials each year, eventually leaving you with a beautiful display of bright flowers to greet you at the end of each day.

Six geranium plants is the perfect amount to have a lovely garden for a reasonable amount of money. Using long-lasting flowers is one of the garden ideas most recommended for those on a tight budget who need an easily maintained garden.


Flower Garden Ideas

Another way to spice up your flowerbed is to invest in some daring and flashy wildflowers. Although wildflowers have a reputation for being weedy and disorganized, they can be easily contained if you plant them in moderation alongside your other species. A few popular wildflowers that will make the most suburban garden pop with color are coneflowers, columbine, and fleabane. This is also one of the most environmentally friendly garden ideas, as it will help to preserve the native wildlife in your area.

Think Colors

match your garden to your home

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If you’re struggling with color choices, think about the palette that best matches your home. If your ideal color scheme is monochrome or two-tone, opt for a formal garden with a minimal number of flower species. Formal gardens are created with the principles of symmetry and minimalism in mind, so flowers that can be trained–roses for example–fit in best to a formal garden design. A formal garden provides a chic, sophisticated display that brings adequate color without assaulting the senses.

Shape Your Lawn

Long-lasting flowers are one of the most popular garden ideas for aspiring landscapers, but it can often be difficult to know how to organize these lovely plants. As beautiful as a flower is, its effect can be ruined by crowding or asymmetry in the garden. Many gardeners simply plant flowers everywhere hoping for a positive result, but this can cause an imbalance in colors and sizes. A great way to bring some order into your garden is to cut your lawn into a clearly defined shape.

This instantaneously ups the ante of any garden, making it modern, stylish and organized. A circle is a typical choice, as it is calming and soft to match the flowers surrounding it. To make a shape out of your grass, mark the shape you’d like with string and use a spade to cut away the grass outside of the string. Then, use your shape as a guide for where to plant your flowers, creating a border around it or planting flowers directly in the center.

Planting Trees to Fill Empty Space

adding trees to garden

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Another way to transform your green space is to make use of trees. This option is both aesthetically pleasing and beautiful, since trees live for a long time and take up a decent amount of space. If your garden is on the smaller side, use diminutive trees like june berry, ornamental cherries, or crab apples. Trees are the ideal way to add some variety and pizzazz to a garden full of flowers.

Additionally, if you’re drawn to the fragrance and color that flowers bring into the world, make sure to plant trees with flowers, such as a dogwood tree. This is the perfect way to take up a large area and bring flowers to eye level. It is much easier to “stop and smell the flowers” if they are blooming right next to your nose! This is one of the garden ideas that add the most variety and fullness to an otherwise ordinary garden.


Create Your Own Path

garden path

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A great addition to a cluster of trees is a path winding through them. This invites guests to take a stroll through the trees and flowers leading up to your door: an experience that will calm the nerves and delight the senses. You can choose whether you would like a slowly curving path to take you on a scenic route, or a straight path to bring guests directly to the door. Paths are another effective way to bring depth and organization to your garden.

When deciding on the material for your path, gravel is much more affordable than pavement. To place your path, mark the area with string and then cut away excess soil and grass. Place a permeable membrane along the border of your path to keep weeds from invading and spread the gravel over it to about two centimeters deep. Choose pale gravel to contrast with your grass or a darker shade to create a more subtle look.

Add Lights and Potted Plants

Although garden ideas using flowers and trees create a beautiful, natural space, sometimes a few extra decorations can bring your garden into the realm of truly breathtaking. Outdoor fairy lights are the ideal way to add some spark, and they can be bought online all year round. Wrap them around trees or string them across your garden from branch to branch to create a warm inviting glow. They can also be attached to fences and furniture if your garden is lacking in trees.

Outdoor lights can be run from a plug inside your house, a simple and easy set up that you can accomplish in an afternoon. This garden idea transforms your lawn into a social space, ideal for dinner parties or a romantic glass of wine. They create a festive air that naturally invites conversation and laughter on a warm summer night. Lights are a great solution if you’ve reached your limit of gardening work but are looking to add that extra touch that makes a garden the envy of the neighborhood.

Outdoor Garden Room

Now that you’ve added a glowing display of fairy lights to your outdoor paradise, why not develop your garden into a lovely outdoor room? Continue with the theme of natural light and place candles or lanterns on stumps or small tables. Installing a bench amidst the flowers creates a place to relax and truly enjoy all of your hard work. You can easily find weather-resistant cushions too, adding an element of comfort and indulgence to your garden.

Another way to make your garden into the perfect outdoor room is to add a few potted plants to your flowery paradise. This a great way to diversify your garden and create some personal touches, especially if you are artistically inclined and would enjoy painting your pots. Artfully place potted plants in corners or bordering your path to make your garden a bit more domesticated and organized. Potted plants are also easy, as you can simply buy them in their pots and avoid the hassle of digging a hole.

Garden Ideas: Conclusion


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Your garden is the first thing you see when you leave the house, and the last thing you see before you enter it. Trees and flowers bring joy and tranquility with their natural scents and bursting colors, which is why perfecting your garden is great way to give yourself a daily smile. Creating a beautiful garden is also a way to give a natural gift to the whole neighborhood, as it will bring fragrance and color to all drivers, dog walkers or joggers who pass by your house. If you are at a loss for how to improve your yard or how to organize your flowers, these garden ideas might be your solution.

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