Summer’s over, and it’s time to get a cozier wardrobe as fall is upon us and winter will be soon. Besides making changes to your wardrobe, it would be a good idea to change your decor.

Keeping up with the trends is always difficult because what was popular last month is no longer in fashion. Every season seems to have a particular decor trend, so it’s no surprise that the decor you would use for fall is different from summer.

So how do you know what’s in and hip?

It’s not only the material that you need to know; it’s also the colors and shapes. If that’s all too much to fret about, then you don’t need to worry. We’ve got your back. Our goal was to make your life easier in fall by informing you of the latest trends.

We gathered information about what colors pertain to fall, as well as materials, layouts and everything else that you need to kit your house so that it is on par with the trendiest home with fall decor.

In case you were wondering what color most people would love to see in your home — it’s blue. Studies showed that most people were in love with the color blue.

Where to Start?

To know where you should begin, you first have to understand what fall decor is all about. Many people agree that out of all the seasons, fall is the trickiest when decor is concerned.

Getting the best fall decor is about experimenting with colors, patterns and layers of textures. One of the things that many people decide to do with their fall decor is to bring out the warm colors.

There’s nothing that makes a house look cozier than using specific colors. That’s one aspect which we will cover, but there are other things to consider as well. What other aspects are necessary to address so that you achieve the right fall decor?

Setting the mood is important. Here’s how to do that.

It starts at the porch. Your home interior isn’t the first thing that your guests see; it’s your porch. Get down to the market and buy pumpkins to decorate your porch with. While you’re at it, don’t forget to get a bristle door mat to give it that extra inviting touch.

A key to getting the outdoor autumn decor right is by incorporating a rusty aesthetic such as metal flower pots. Try new florals such as protea and coxcomb, which are uniquely textured.

After the porch is the front door. Get rid of that colorful wreath and replace it with natural materials such as wheatgrass. Remember that we’re going for a rusty feel. That doesn’t have to be prevalent throughout the house but touches of it provide the look that we need to accentuate fall.

Here’s one of the tips to use for colors.

The most popular autumn colors are burnt orange, deep maroon and variations of bronze. Use those, but don’t be afraid to add colors such as purple and pink. It helps to brighten up your decor and makes it look different from everyone else’s.

If you wanted to incorporate fall leaf colors into your design, as well as the leaves, you’d be glad to know that it’s possible at any time of the year. Fall leaf colors are present all-year-round.

Those are some helpful hints, but let’s delve deeper and get to the nitty-gritty.

The Details

Not certain what to do with your walls? You should embrace wood paneling. Not only does that divert the attention away from dull walls, but it also gives your study room a rich, elegant ambiance.

Most homes in the U.S. are built from wood.

To complement the wood-paneled walls, kit it with a portrait and have a bench with a chair, which could be draped in textiles from Indonesia or Pakistan. The antique Italian bench can be covered in 16th-century tapestry fragment.


Fall is the time to be bold with colors to create a cozy atmosphere. The way to do that is by spicing up the colors. Instead of choosing a light color across all the pieces in your lounge, mix it up. Try deep blue sofas and ochre couches with a soft pink chair. Don’t be afraid of bright-colored furniture in fall.

Leisure Room

Need a space that’s away from the TV and to make you feel like you’re in a clean environment? That’s what the leisure room is for. The walls and ceiling of the room should be white. The reason is that it gives the room a clean feel.

What pieces should it have? The best combination with the white surrounding is to have midcentury modern pieces from vintage outlets. That will assist you to stay within the budget but also to create an authentic look.

Dining Lounge

Instead of having all-white chargers, try going for warm metallics like a bronze dinner plate. To make the dining lounge inviting, you need to get the essential piece right — the rug.

Although your cutlery might have a rustic feel to it, you shouldn’t be afraid to go for a bold statement with your rug. Be daring by choosing bright colors and odd patterns.

At the center of the table should be a vintage toolbox. Whether you sourced it from a flea market or the garage, it will set the fall mood at the table. Inside the toolbox should be mini pumpkins, cheery yellow daisies and baby’s breath.

Living Room

A poll conducted amongst Americans revealed that the kitchen was their favorite part of the house — the living room was the second.

We’ve already mentioned the furniture that you should incorporate, but the fall decor doesn’t stop there in the living room. To make the living room more interesting, dress the mantle with garland. That’s not only applicable for winter. It works well in the fall.

Don’t leave the metallic tones in the dining lounge. You should carry on with that theme in the living room by covering the fireplace with polished-looking pumpkins. Don’t forget the fall foliage and candleholders. The trick is to balance metallics with shiny objects with pieces that are matte.


It’s not only the furniture and the walls that give your home the finest fall decor. The other key aspect is incorporating accessories throughout the house.

What are some examples?

Try using storage baskets, which will add to the seasonal spirit. How about leaving your woven basket at the front door to keep your hats, scarves and sweaters? Also, go for hanging your themed items on hooks to give it that real fall ambiance.


According to the New York Post, Americans will spend 36 years of their life in bed.

Many people spend more time in their bedroom than in any other place in the house. After all, you can watch TV in your bedroom and don’t even need a leisure room since your bed is one of the most comfortable places in the entire house.

Here’s the important balance to maintain for bedroom decor in fall. Most of us want to be comfortable in our bedroom and to feel warm during the cold months. So while you want to give the room a cozy feel, it should also stimulate you at the same time so that you get up.

When your room is too cozy, one tends to doze off and spend more time in bed than usual.

What’s important to get right in your bedroom for the fall decor? It’s color and materials that will give you the feeling of fall.

People who like neutral colors should try out fall neutrals such as olive green, beige, shades of brown or rust shades of burgundy.

You can use patterns or a few bright touches, while white and creamy will create a neutral fall bedroom.


This is the part of the house that you don’t have to worry about making cozy. Don’t get us wrong — it’s not that it shouldn’t be comfortable, but you should be more concerned about lighting it up.

One of the things that work really well in brightening up your bathroom is a fresh bloom or two. Also, don’t be afraid to put flowers and fall garland on the basin and around the mirror. That will definitely do the trick.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Did you know that 45.6% of Americans said that fall was their favorite season?

Fall is a great time of the year to get to a mall and pick out items that will bring out the most of the season throughout your home.

Materials and colors are an essential element, but it’s also about not being afraid to step out of the box by combining bright colors with rustic metallics. Although it’s important to make your home feel cozy during fall, you also want to create a balance, which allows everyone to feel stimulated.

Fall, naturally, has a way of making everyone feel more inclined to rest. By incorporating flowers and giving your space a clean look, you’ll also invigorate them while making them feel comfortable and cozy.



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