No one wants their home to look dated or tacky.

You want a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment. At the same time, you also want your home to be stylish and up-to-date with current trends.

Here’s how to embrace modern home décor and modern contemporary home décor that you can enjoy for years to come.

Modern Home Décor Tips to Avoid Looking Dated Next Year

If you really love current trends, it can be tempting to jump in head first.

Before making any major changes, think long and hard about how you might feel a few years down the road.

Open floor plans are all the rage right now, for example, but people tend to grow tired of them quickly.

Minimalist furniture may certainly be stylish, but is it comfortable?

Will you love that accent ceiling or tile backsplash next season?

Feel free to embrace trends and express yourself, but do so in a way that doesn’t require excessive resources and labor if you get sick of it.

Embracing the Mod Décor Style

Fortunately, the current mod décor style incorporates lots of neutral colors and timeless pieces. By nature, this aesthetic is less likely to become dated next season.

Modern Home Décor Colors

The contemporary interior design style relies on neutral colors to stay grounded including browns, beiges, grays, off-whites, and of course, black.

The current style also includes pops of colors with either pastels or bold hues.

Start by figuring out if you want warm or cold neutral tones and then use pops of color for frames, pillows, and other accents.

Mod Décor Textures

Carpet is out. Mod décor floors embrace simple and natural textures like wood or tile. Tile and wood-paneled accent walls or backsplashes are common. Brick-exposed walls and bare windows are great, too.

Less is more. Furniture should be smooth and clean without several curves and adornments. Metal finishes and glass are also good choices.

Linens include cottons and other soft textures without ruffles, floral prints, and other details. Linens could also embrace bold woven textures highlighted with solid colors.

Use of Space, Light, and Shapes in Modern Contemporary Home Décor

Modern contemporary home décor embraces solid lines and geometric patterns.

When it comes to lighting, think either direct or indirect. Cove lighting helps give off a general feel of light while spotlights may be used to highlight artwork or other pieces.

Keep clutter and knickknacks to a minimum. Instead, rely on simplicity and design.

Contemporary House Accessories and Modern Home Décor Items for Inspiration

Now that you have a general idea of the current style, you need to fill your home with contemporary house accessories and modern home décor items.

Here are a few options to help spark your imagination and get the ball rolling.

Hanging Lighting

Try simple hanging light fixtures with large light bulbs or metal structures.

Sliding Wood Doors

Consider going bold with large wooden sliding doors in a neutral color like black.

Black or Metal Frames

Remember to keep things simple. No intricate carvings or designs. Rely on the contrast of colors to make a statement.


Use houseplants for a splash of color. Go for large plants in one color like green instead of small and detailed options.

Accent Ceilings or Walls

Accent walls and ceilings are very in right now, but not in the same way they have been in the past. Paint all walls one solid color and cover the final wall with wood panels or tile.

Ceilings can also incorporate tiles, metals, and other textures to make a statement.

Geometric Shelves

Use unique shapes that play with your line of sight like honey combs, circles, and plain lines in different lengths.

High Contrast

Instead of busy patterns, rely on high contrast to spice things up. Stick with one hue such as gray for walls and floors, use a high-gloss black for furniture to create contrast, and find bold pops of color for accessories like pillows.


Clean out drawers to create charging stations and hide wires with baskets or boxes.

Exposed Walls and Plumbing

Don’t want to knock down walls? Use copper piping to hide wires or hang lighting. Find other ways to incorporate painted brick into your design.

Modern Contemporary Home Décor Places to Shop

Now that you’ve got some ideas and inspiration, you need places to shop. Remember that less is more. Pick simple designs over handcrafted details.

  • All Modern for contemporary house accessories and modern home décor items like lighting, pillows, furniture, and more.
  • Overstock for furniture, accessories, and anything else you could need.
  • BoConcept for unique and high-quality pieces.

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