You talk to your friends about their home décor and realize one is into strictly modern design, another loves the country cottage look, and yet another is full-on glam.

One thing you realize while talking to them is that there’s something about every style that intrigues you.

How does that translate to home décor? Do you have to settle for one style over another?

Actually, your taste in décor has a name: eclectic.

What exactly is eclectic home décor and how can you incorporate your favorite pieces into your home in a way that shows it off in the best light?

What Is Eclectic Style and Why Is It So Popular?

How do you define eclectic when it comes to home décor? To define eclectic décor, you have to look at the definition of the word itself.

According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, eclectic is described in two ways. First, it can be described as something that’s composed of elements that have been drawn from a variety of sources. The second definition describes it this way: selecting the best from various methods or styles.

So, when it comes to home design, eclectic style is one that takes its inspiration from a variety of other styles – which is right up your alley, right?

And guess what? You’re not alone. Eclectic home décor is one of the top decorating styles in recent years.

Why is this style so popular?

The main reason is because it allows the designer to break the rules of design – and that provides a ton of freedom.

Instead of being confined, boxed in as it were, to one style – you get to pick and choose.

Our homes should be a place of ultimate comfort and freedom. What better way to express that than with eclectic home décor that reflects your personal sense of style and desire for freedom?

How to Incorporate Eclectic Home Décor: 3 Tips for Exceptional Style 

While you may love the idea of the freedom to choose anything you want to go into your living space, eclectic décor can be a little tricky.

If you’re not careful, your room can quickly take a tacky turn.

But with the tips below, you’ll be able to create a space that embraces the freedom of eclecticism, as well as the sophistication that will make your room/house inviting to others.

1. Have a Focal Point

Eclectic style is definitely all about breaking rules. But one rule no one should break is having a focal point.

A focal point gives the eye a place to focus in on and gives the room a sense of purpose. If you don’t have one, your space will just look like a cluttered mess.

You can create a focal point with furniture or artwork, or a mix of both.

For instance, you can arrange your sofas and chairs around the fireplace or an exceptionally designed coffee table with a gorgeous sculpture.

Or, you can create a focal wall with a painting by your favorite artist or filled with black and white photos of your family.

2. Be Somewhat Consistent

Yes, eclecticism is about drawing from different styles, but it’s important that each room in your house compliments the others.

Your house will look disjointed and it won’t feel comfortable or like there’s good energy flow in the house if you go for eclectic décor in half the house and contemporary décor in the others.

What will happen if you do this is the contemporary rooms will feel sterile and uninviting, while the rooms with eclectic décor will look more shabby than chic.

3. Find Some Balance

A good rule of thumb when it comes to eclectic style is to have balance when it comes to scale. Furniture pieces that have the same – or almost the same – scale will keep the eye balanced.

When you have furniture pieces that are a variety of sizes, something is going to look out of place – and not necessarily in a good way.

Blend, Baby, Blend – Who Says Everything Needs to Match?

Some people have that deeply held belief that everything has to match. Every room in their house has to match the theme of the rest of the house. Every dish in their kitchen has to be the same color.

While this is fine for some people, other people find it boring and way too constricting.

If you’re one of those people – do what feels best to you. Choose furniture pieces, artwork, and accessories that speak to you and make you feel comfortable, free, and at home.

You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. This is your home, after all. Just because all of your décor doesn’t match doesn’t mean that it’s not classy or elegant.

On the contrary, with the right pieces, you can successfully blend multiple styles and create your very own eclectic style.

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