Looking for the best furniture brands? Our comprehensive guide provides furniture brand choices for every style and budget.

Most people don't realize the essential part that furniture plays in our lives. We sit on it, sleep on it, eat on it—if there's a significant life activity that takes place in your home, then there's a chance a piece of furniture is involved. That's why it's so critical to make sure that when you pick out a piece of furniture, you'll get one that lasts.

The furniture market is a vast space, with pieces to fit any home, style, or budget out there. When you start looking around for furniture, though, things can quickly become overwhelming. The internet has made this problem even more prevalent, as we now have access to even more furniture purchasing and delivery options than ever before.

If you're shopping for furniture, you may not know where to start. That's why we've compiled our guide to the best furniture brands to help you consider where you plan to shop.

How We Choose Our Ratings

Depending on what piece (or pieces) of furniture you need, you're going to need to focus on different things. Besides the elements of durability, price, and style, you'll also want to make sure your purchase meets the requirements for its type. While we considered what brands to recommend to you, we looked at how well they put together the two major furniture categories.

Wood Furniture

wood dining set-best furniture brands

Many different types of furniture are wooden:

Even more pieces can also be wooden, but with just these types you can see how much of the furniture in your home can be. That means you should know how to tell what's a quality piece of wooden furniture and what isn't.

You might think it's essential to learn the differences between hardwood and softwood, but that's not as critical as knowing how well your wood will stand up to damage. A quick test you can do to check the scratch-resistance of the surface is to attempt to draw a line with your fingernail across the wood. If you can, then the furniture won't stand up to much use.

When it does come to a type of wood, though, you'll want to make sure it's stable and sturdy. Knots are much more susceptible to cracks, so you want as little of those as possible. You also want to avoid particleboard, pressed wood, or fiberboard, though plywood is acceptable.

Wooden furniture should also have solid construction. You don't want staples or nails; instead, opt for dowels, screws, or interlocking pieces. For furniture pieces with drawers, such as dressers and desks, keep an eye out for dust panels, which help with the structural integrity of the construction. You'll also want to test stability by pressing on various corners to avoid something that rocks or wobbles.

Upholstered Furniture

sofa set-best furniture brands

If all the furniture in our homes were wooden, we'd live very harsh lives. That's why the other significant piece of furniture to know your stuff about is upholstered furniture. You'll have more things to consider if you're in the market for new or used furniture as well, but we've got the basics covered.

Some sofas or chairs come with removable cushions. That's your cue to look inside the seat cover. You'll want to see a block of foam wrapped with another material, as foam-only cushions aren't as comfortable and degrade much quicker. If you can, figure out the density of the foam, and only accept 1.8 pounds or higher. Make sure back cushions have multiple compartments to prevent settling.

Keep an eye out for the label so you can learn the appropriate cleaning instructions:

  • S is for solvent-based cleaners
  • W is for water-based cleaners
  • X is for no liquid, so vacuum only

When it comes to construction, the best way to determine a quality piece of upholstered furniture is to test it out. The materials used in this case don't matter as much as how comfortable it is to use. Try out different positions to make sure it has excellent support. If you can test the deck underneath, you'll want to feel resistance to pressure and even spacing.

You don't want to feel the frame through the padding on the arms and back. When it comes to the extended use of these furniture pieces, you may get more mileage if the cushions are reversible, though this is in no way a "must have" condition.

If the furniture makes use of springs, hand-tied coil springs are some of the best you can get. Regardless, so long as the springs are close together and have even-resistance, you're in good shape. If the springs are more than a few inches apart, skip that one and find something else.

10 Best Furniture Brands

Now that you know how to find quality furnishings amongst all your potential options, you can start thinking of just where you're going to shop. We've compiled together the best furniture brands to meet different styles and budgets, from inexpensive and reliable to investments that will last. Let's get started!

Comparison Table

Product Name



Ashley Furniture

couple sitting in sofa





Hooker Furniture

Hooker Furniture







Liberty Furniture

Liberty Furniture

American Signature

American Signature


couple sitting in sofa

Starting out with more favorable options brings us to Ashley Furniture with its chain of Ashley Home Stores. This company operates across the United States and even has stores set up in some other parts of the world.

Ashley's biggest draw is undeniably its affordability, as its stores consistently offer furniture at mid-level price points. They also hold regular promotions, which make it a great brand to consider if you're starting out your home and need functional pieces until you can invest in something more durable.


Lexington Furniture operates as a more upper mid-range to lower high-end brand, but that increase in price is no doubt connected to the quality of its pieces. Dedicated to American made products, Lexington keeps its furniture both durable and aesthetically pleasing. They also run the spin-off business venture, Sligh Furniture, which specializes in office and entertainment furniture.

When it comes to Lexington, it doesn't just design individual furniture pieces. Another major draw to this company is its furniture sets, which make compiling an entire room more straightforward than ever. You can often find both deals and more expensive collections available, but Lexington's comprehensive catalog makes them an appealing choice for a variety of styles.

IKEA-best furniture brands

Though not as durable as some higher-end brands, IKEA is an inexpensive brand that's also very easy to assemble. If you want to pick up something and put it together, then IKEA is the store you want to handle. This brand's furniture is much more suited to fit in smaller spaces, which can be great news for people living in apartments and dorms.

You can also find other pieces in IKEA stores, such as bedding and other "lifestyle" purchases. The style is much more streamlined and modern than Ashley purchases, but they both fall into the same affordable category that many people need. IKEA furniture won't last forever, but it'll continue more than enough to save up for something longer lasting.

Bedroom set-best furniture brands

For a high-quality furniture brand with history, Hooker fills that category spectacularly. This brand is another one with an extensive catalog behind it, giving you options galore. Hooker has also held a place as one of the top brands in the country as a market leader. It doesn't offer online sales, but since Hooker furniture is in almost every major retailer in the US, you won't have trouble finding a retailer.

Despite the age of this brand, Hooker is by no means out of date. It makes a consistent effort to match their furniture to the needs of modern times, and it even has paired with fashion experts to make exclusive furniture sets and styles to meet the tastes of customers.

Living room furniture

You may not have encountered a Williams-Sonoma storefront before, but that doesn't mean you haven't seen one of its stores before. Pottery Barn (and its kids and teen branches), Rejuvenation, West Elm, and Mark and Graham are all part of this company's multi-brand reach. All these stores provide furniture, as well as different extras to match each store.

The different members of the Williams-Sonoma family have a variety of different price points and style types. Depending on your desired style and budget, you'll likely be able to find the aesthetic you're seeking. The Pottery Barn kids and teen branches also offer more customized options for different age ranges as well.

Dining room set

With its nearly 120-year history and massive central showroom in North Carolina, Bernhardt is a family run brand that has made its mark in the furniture world. Besides its extensive history, Bernhardt also  commits responsible manufacturing practices for both labor and environment, and the company's United States-based manufacturing facilities also have EFEC certifications.

All its furniture pieces have an attention to detail that's hard to find on other brands. Bernhardt's focus on neutral color, soft line, and luscious material makes its furniture a beautiful addition to any home. You won't find a dedicated Bernhardt seller, but you can use their dealer locator page to see the closest available retailer.

living room set

When you're in the market for upholstered, reclining furniture, then La-Z-Boy no doubt comes to mind. Heading into one of their galleries will mostly net you their specialty, but they carry other accenting options, such as tables, lamps, and rugs so that you can build a beautiful living room or den look all in one place.

La-Z-Boy furniture pieces are all in the mid-priced range. They're also reliable and should last well enough to be worth the money you put into them.

 bedroom set

Not all decent quality furniture brands need to have a long history, and Liberty Furniture proves that. This company provides mid-range furniture pricing that meets both aesthetic and durability standards excellently. Will it last as long as something from one of the top-end brands mentioned on this list? No, but it'll hold up much better than similarly priced alternatives.

Liberty Furniture also stays up to date on popular and emerging styles, so you'll always be able to find a suitable aesthetic. It offers set collections with the option of other matching pieces, letting you see the best style that truly fits your needs. Liberty's website isn't the strongest, but you can easily find their presence in notable retailers if you find the piece you want in its options.

bedroom set

While not nation-wide in scale, American Signature and its Value City Furniture stores are other options for those working with lower-end furniture budgets. The two types offer a bit different specs when it comes to furniture choices and price ranges, but if you like one, you'll likely enjoy what's available at the other.

One of the greatest appeal points of American Signature is the different categories it manufactures furniture for. If you need pieces of your living room, dining room, bedroom, or home furniture office, then American Signature stores will have it.

Basset dining room set

Whether you want to find Basset furniture online, in brand shops, or at retailer locations, it's there. This company has also had over a century of operation behind it, and it's put that experience to good use when it comes to bringing in profits and meeting the needs of customers.

Basset furniture is both high-quality and highly customizable, which is an excellent combination when you're looking to make a long-lasting investment. Basset is willing to invest the resources necessary for maintaining its brand, and it shows in the furniture it produces. For customizable options, you can find this furniture at HGTV and other design centers.

Wrapping Up

Picking out the best furniture brands can be tricky due to the many different factors that influence a furniture purchase. However, any of these brands can make a good investment based on your budget, spacing, and design needs, so you have no shortage of options.

Since furniture is such a significant part of our lives, it makes sense to put the proper time and effort into finding a brand that best fits your style. With the options presented here, you should have no trouble finding the best pieces of furniture to add to your home.

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