Leather or upholstery? Down fill or foam cushions? Mid-century modern or glam? Searching for the perfect couch can be exhausting! Luckily, we're here with the shortlist of the eleven best couches available on the market today. Whether you're looking for incredible comfort or just a great value, we've got you covered!

11 Best Couches

cozy couch

Whether design is the first thing you look at, or it’s something you couldn’t care less about, the couch is the centerpiece of the home. It’s where we curl up for movie nights and Netflix binges, hunker down when we have the flu and gather on to visit with friends and family.

So, it stands to reason that even if your budget is small, the couch you choose for your living room matters. That’s why we’ve taken the time to round up the best couches just for you. We scoured showrooms and internet sales pages to find the eleven couches that will make your heart sing--and some that will even make your wallet say “thank you!”

Don’t forget to keep reading at the end for our buyer’s guide to choosing your own best couches.

How We Chose Our Ratings

Choosing a couch is a big decision, and it’s extremely personal--that’s why we’ve included such thorough reviews on each of our eleven picks. Plus, we’ve searched high and low for the best available information (including customer testimonials and reviews) to bring you the options that will make you happy for years to come.

Comparison Table

Product Name



Best Couches for Dogs: the West Elm Axel Leather Sofa in Saddle

Leather Sofa

Best Couch for Families: the Ektorp Sofa From Ikea

Ektorp Sofa

Best Couch if Money Isn’t a Problem: the Restoration Hardware Cloud Sofa

Cloud Sofa

Best Organic Couch: Verona Organic Sofa by Savvy Rest

Organic Sofa

Best Affordable Sectional: Inside + Out Sectional from ioHOMES and Target

Sectional sofa

Best Sleeper Sofa: La-Z-Boy Leah Supreme Comfort Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper Sofa

Best Couch With Room to Grow: the Burrow Sofa

Burrow Sofa

Best Couch for a Teen’s Room: Arezzo Sleeper from Rooms-to-Go

Arezzo sofa

Best Couch for Glam Decor: Rosdorf Park Binstead Chesterfield from Wayfair

Chesterfield sofa

Best Leather Couch: Townsend Square Arm Leather Sofa from Pottery Barn

Square Arm Leather Sofa

Best Couch for a Mid-Century Modern Look: Tufted Modern Upholstered Sofa from Target

Tufted Modern Upholstered Sofa

Top 11 Best Couches

Leather Sofa

Leather is extremely durable and will look better even as it’s distressed with the wear and tear of your pup’s claws, but it’s also incredibly easy to clean, a huge bonus if Fido sheds a ton.

This couch from West Elm, in particular, will look like a dream after a few years thanks to real top-grain leather (no thin leathers with polyester backing or faux leather here).

Plus, since the frame is made from eucalyptus and engineered hardwood that’s been kiln-dried, you can be sure that your sofa will last a long, long time--even if you’ve got a handful of Great Danes vying for seats on the cushions!

Ektorp Sofa

“Wait a minute,” you might be thinking, “a white fabric couch for a house full of kids? Are you crazy?” That’s a good question, but (actually) we’re not--the Ektorp sofa from Ikea is known for being entirely slip-covered and washable.

Is the whole couch looking a bit dingy? Wash the whole thing. Did your child spill grape juice on that one cushion again? Just wash the single cushion! You can also buy a whole new slipcover and voila! You have a new couch! You’ll also enjoy the built-in storage in the available footstool, multiple configurations (including a sectional), and numerous fabric finishes (all washable).
Plus, Ikea’s prices are hard to beat.

Cloud Sofa

Restoration Hardware has pulled out all the stops for this one: kiln-dried hardware, corner-blocked joinery, and double-doweled frames mean this is a couch you’ll be upholstery, not replacing (but probably not for another two decades). What’s especially cloud-like about this sofa is its options for a feather-wrapped core or 100% down feather filling, meaning you’re going
to get the comfort of your dreams.

You can even customize the couch to your preferred depth (classic, luxe, or petite) and choose from over 165 gorgeous fabrics--including a textured linen weave from Perennials that feels great on your skin but is made from ultra-durable, stain-resistant fabric.

This isn’t your best bet if you’re on a tight budget, but if money’s not an option and you’re looking for the ultimate in comfort, you’ve found your cloud--I mean--sofa!

Organic Sofa

If you want the best in organic materials, look no further. The Verona line from Savvy Rest is sold online and in showrooms, and is crafted with natural Talalay latex (which means you’ll enjoy extreme durability) and certified-organic fabrics. The Verona’s classic lines come finished in zero-VOC stains as well as sustainably sourced maple. All fabrics used are GOTS-certified organic; other materials include nature jute webbing and natural coconut fiber, but flame retardants, cardboard, formaldehyde, metal coils, plywood, veneer, or particle board are never used.

You can customize the size of your armrests, and Savvy Rest offers two latex choices for your sofa’s seat cushions (Firm or Soft). You can also choose a shredded latex option for a more traditional, fuller feel.


Sectional sofa

Sectionals used to be something of the black sheep in the design world, but thanks to some delightful modern updates, you no longer have to sacrifice comfort for style. That’s never more apparent than in this Inside + Out sectional from Target.

With classic design lines and a fun exposed-seam look, this couch is visually interesting and delightfully comfortable.

Affordably priced but with a wood frame and easy-to-clean upholstery, this is a solid contender for anyone looking for one of the best couches.

Sleeper Sofa

If you’re looking for one of the best couches, you can’t help but take a look at what La-Z-Boy has to offer, especially if you’re looking for a sofa that doubles as a sleeper. This ultra-comfortable couch and sleeper has slightly curved armrests and plush pillow backs--plus a box spring underneath the pillows for an added bounce back.

Your guests will appreciate the full-size mattress and bed that folds out from the sofa (there’s an innerspring coil mattress in there!), and you’ll appreciate how easy this couch is to clean, thanks to its 100% polyester upholstery.

Available in larger sizes, this couch gets high marks from customers, who report high value and satisfactory comfort levels.

Burrow Sofa

Burrow is a unique concept in furniture: modular furniture that adapts to your lifestyle. When you order a sofa, you can customize the fabric selection (five beautiful, stain-resistant shades) and the legs (dark, light, or matte black). You can choose different sizes (loveseat, sofa, or king sofa) and add a chaise section or ottoman.

Your couch will arrive in sections (modules) that attach with easy-to-use latches. This also means that your couch can grow with you--if you move to a bigger space, add another module!

Need to move the couch to a different room? Remove a module.

Burrow makes in furniture in the United States and also offers a thirty-day trial period. Pair these details with affordability, and you’ve got the ultimate couch for any small space--with plenty of room to grow!

Arezzo sofa

Available in five show-stopping colors (including pink and purple), the Arezzo Sleeper sofa from Rooms-to-Go is tops on our list of best couches for a teen or pre-teen. Thanks to its relatively small footprint, it won’t take up too much room and its 100% polyester upholstery is easy to clean.

This couch has the added benefit of transforming into a sleeper by simply pulling out the cushions.

Chesterfield sofa

Tufted velour, glamorous, vibrant purple, gunpowder legs, and classic Chesterfield design--this sofa screams “glam” no matter how you look at it! It also says “expensive,” but thanks to clever details like hand-sewing and cleverly swapping velvet for velour (making it much easier to clean, as well), you won’t have to pay with an arm and a leg.

Thanks to its foam fill and medium comfort level, most people will find this sofa very comfortable (it seats two). Chesterfields are known for their lack of extras pillows, so make sure you plan on buying your own--or leave as is for a startling statement.
Wayfair can ship to most locations in the United States and also offers a protection plan for interested buyers.

Square Arm Leather Sofa

If leather’s your choice for your home, look no further. The Townsend Square Arm manages to be both classic and modern at the same time. Thanks to comfortable stuffing and clean lines, this couch will blend seamlessly into your decor or become the anchor for the show-stopping design you’re looking for.

This couch comes custom order: choose your 100% real, top-grain leather (twenty-one stunning shades, including vintage graphite and signature espresso) and your size (loveseat, sofa, or grand sofa). The Townsend’s corner blocked frame comes with double dowels for the best in quality craftsmanship and features removable legs that can be adjusted if your floor is uneven.

This is a couch you’ll be able to pass down to the next generation, which is why it earns five stars and a spot on our list of best couches!

Tufted Modern Upholstered Sofa

Mid-century modern is here to stay--and so is this tufted, modern sofa from Target. With clean lines, gleaming dark wood legs, and ultra-modern bright blue upholstery, this mid-sized couch will make a beautiful addition to your living room (or study, or den, or anywhere, really).

With a solid wood frame and spot-clean fabric, we also appreciate that while this couch will be shipped directly to your front door, you have a full 90 days to return it to your local Target--no return shipping required.

Buyer’s Guide

1. Set a Budget

Couch options can be overwhelming, so one of the first things we suggest you do is set your budget. Are you looking to spend less than $500? It will be tough, but it’s possible to find something chic and affordable.

The $500-$2000 range has lots of great options, thanks to value retailers like Target and Ikea (you can even find leather in this range!), and if you’re able to spend more than $2000, you’ll find you can get a piece of furniture that can truly go the distance, even if you’re asking a lot from it.

2. How Will You Use Your Couch?

In fact, that’s the next thing you should consider--how will this couch be used? If you want something for the family den, you’ll need to keep in mind that comfort is going to be a high priority for the whole family, and you’ll need to make sure your new couch will be sturdy enough to handle years of stray popcorn, shoes on the cushions, and the like.

A couch in a bedroom, however, or opposite a desk in a study probably won’t be used as much.

This means that if your budget is tight, you might be fine sacrificing comfort for style. Couches in high-traffic areas should also be leather (if your budget allows) or they should be slip-covered with removable, washable covers.

3. Is this Couch Built Well?

Keep an eye out for kiln-dried wood frames, as this indicates long-lasting durability.

Particleboard or plastic is less expensive but won’t last as long.

You should also check into the couch’s joinery--if its joints are connected by staples or glue, it probably won’t be able to withstand years of family movie nights. However, if it’s constructed with wooden dowels, metal screws and brackets, or corner blocks, you’re looking at a high-quality product!

Ultimately, you should never buy a couch because somebody else thinks it’s a great buy--you should buy a couch because you like it. Is it comfortable? Does it make you happy when you look at it? Does it fit into your budget? Sold!

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