Looking for a way to refresh your personal space? Check out these bedroom ideas for inspiration!

When it comes to decorating, your bedroom allows for some of the most customization and reflection of your personality. After all, your bedroom is where you rest and relax and get ready for the day ahead, so it should be a space you enjoy.

However, setting up the perfect bedroom space can be a bit of a challenge. After all, you may have space restrictions, or it can be challenging to find the best way to make the room entirely yours. Overall, you want to set up your bedroom to be as relaxing as possible, as this can make it easier to fall asleep and get better rest.

So how exactly do you do that? We've compiled some of the best bedroom ideas to help you pull together your ultimate space.

Keep Colors Light and Bright

bright bedroom

When you have lighter colors, you can more easily brighten up your bedroom space. This technique is extra helpful for when you have limited space or windows. White is an expansive choice, but it may not suit your personality. Any other light color can serve this purpose, however.

When you start to layer different shades of the same light color, you can add depth without compromising your decoration scheme. Making use of patterned blankets and matching lamps also goes a long way toward boosting your style, even when you keep things simple.

Make Use of Curtains

bedroom curtains

If your bedroom has a window, curtains go a long way in accentuating the color and style of your room.

Besides serving a practical purpose, the right curtains can also give your room a unique look and even bring out other design elements in your setup. Complementary colors to your bed and other furniture can make the whole room pop.

The type of curtains you choose will end up depending on the setup of your windows and your space.

Large windows are prime ground for long, dramatic curtains with different styles. With the right drapes, you'll also be able to control the level of light in your room, which is excellent for people with unusual sleeping hours.

Consider Combining Unexpected Patterns

bedroom wall

The eclectic bedroom style pulls together seemingly mismatched elements to make a room unlike any other. Sure, you can't just throw anything together and expect it to look good, but you can combine unexpected patterns, color, and texture to build your unique touch.

You can accomplish this look by bringing different furniture, bedding, and accessory elements. With a little careful planning, you can make the most out of your preferred styles. It may take a little extra time to find the right combination that works, but it's more than worth it.

Think About Focal Points

cozy bedroom

Every room has a focal point, which serves as the center of attention. You may not always be showing off your place to others, but if you do, choosing a focal point will help bring the whole space together.

Depending on the size of your room, two main focal points you're likely to see are the head of the bed
and the window.

To make the most of these points, you can put the head of the bed near the window so that they draw attention together. You can also make use of bold decorations, like impactful pillows or curtains, to make one stand out above the other.

Pull Together Pillows

pillow and blankets

Pillows don't just serve to help you stay comfortable while you sleep (though it's fantastic if they can also do that). When picking out pillows, think about how they'll pull together your beautiful space on your bed. While they can all match, you'll also make the most significant impact when you mix colors and patterns.

If your bedroom also has room for an extra chair or seating space, use pillows to boost that location, too. When you bring in different prints, like florals and geometrics, you can add to the overall aesthetic of your room while still thinking of comfort in the process.

Think About the Placement of Your Bed

luxury bedroom

Many bedroom layouts involve centering the bed on the wall. This setup does create an impact, but it can quickly take up space, especially in smaller rooms. If you have more than one person making use of a bed, then the centered approach may serve you best.

Otherwise, though, putting your bed in a corner can help you make the most of your floor space, which is excellent for narrow areas and small floor plans. It also comes with the added benefit of making your sleeping area feel even cozier. With a stylish headboard or accessories, even the corner placement can give your room a designer look.

Another bed-based option for increasing space is making use of a daybed. These provide both a relaxation and sleeping area. If you have a smaller sized guest room, daybeds are an excellent choice for maximizing space and comfort for your visitors.

Set Up a Statement Art Piece


If you want a minimal decorative design but also don't want your room to feel too sterile, consider including a statement art piece. These decorations capture most of the attention in a bedroom, leaving you to keep a basic layout for the rest of your space.

If you take this approach, it's best to pick out your art piece and then design with that in mind. That way you don't come up with a bedroom layout that you can't find art to match it, leaving your design in limbo.

Build a Cottage Aesthetic

Cottage Aesthetic

Cottages bring up feelings of getting away and relaxation, which seems like a perfect environment for your bedroom. This sort of design allows you to have a simple layout that evokes the sensation of the outdoors. It's also a great idea for setting up your guest bedrooms, thanks to that feel.

If you're working from scratch, cottage-like walls go a long way to bringing this design to life. But if you can't mess with that design, picking out the right colors, wooden furniture, and outdoor-based accessories do a lot of work when it comes to recreating that quaint and comfortable feel in the room.

Keep Space Open

open space bedroom

The more open space you have available in your room, the less confined you'll feel. Part of accomplishing this setup involves being realistic about the size of your bed that can fit in your room.

Platform and storage beds, with no footboards, go a long way to keeping your room feel breathable.

In addition to your bed, though, also consider how much other furniture you truly need in your room and plan accordingly. Often, leaving open space in the center of your room can help. At the very least, you should try to allow comfortable walkways to get to all the critical corners of your room.

Wall Art

Wall Art

Worried about having blank wall space but don't want to clutter your floor with additional furniture?

Consider what you can put on your wall. It doesn't need to be anything massive and attention catching, like statement artwork. Instead, you can make use of hanging graphic quilts to help add a bit of flavor otherwise blank walls.

Likewise, photos and other hanging shelves can bring together practicality with beauty. When you coordinate your wall choices with the rest of your room, it's easy to bring together a space that's "you",
without much hassle.

Set Up Mirrors

mirrored bedroom

Mirrors in the bedroom serve some obvious practical purposes, like letting you check your appearance for the day. However, they also go a long way to making your space seem even more extensive, especially when you incorporate a body-length set up on a wall. Insert the instant illusion of more area.

Also, mirrors can also help you amplify the light in your room. If you set them up across from a window, quickly up the level of natural light. This factor is vital for keeping your energy high and other health benefits, so then set up some strategic positioning and let in the sunshine.

Creative Headboards

creative headboard

Your bed may already have a headboard, or it may be an open canvas waiting for your input. One great way to add some design variety to your room is to set up a curtain headboard. So long as you put consideration into the curtain panel, you can swap out the curtains, letting you update your style in a flash.

Having other decorative options along the headboard allows you a way to play with your style according to your mood or seasons. Consider an above-bed shelf that you can rotate pictures or other decorations out on, giving you endless options for how to spruce up your space.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to your bedroom, you want to make a place that's as stylish as possible while still being you. Some other tips to consider in addition to the already listed style ideas are:

  • Keep out technology
  • Bring together comfort with your interests
  • Get creative about storage
  • Think about wallpaper

No matter what sort of design you go with, just switching around one or two elements of your bedroom can give it a whole new look. Pick out a few ideas that interest you and watch your room transform into something new!

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