The importance of bedroom decor is often overlooked. However, once you learn about the various ideas and themes that can be used to transform your bedroom into your favorite space in the house, you’ll see how interesting and enjoyable it can be to decorate (or redecorate) your bedroom. In this article, you’ll learn about some of these different styles and about a few tips to help you do up your bedroom in the right manner.

What Is Included in Bedroom Decor?

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The elements included in bedroom decor may vary from one house to another. Nevertheless, there are certain fundamental items that remain consistent across homes. A relaxing bed that you cannot wait to fall asleep on is undoubtedly among the key elements needed in a bedroom. Aside from this, bedroom linens like cozy blankets, comfortable pillows, warm quilts, and sheets that are soft to the touch are also necessary.

Other secondary elements that make up bedroom decor include the room lighting, a side table or nightstand, and additional pieces of furniture like a writing desk, a cupboard or a set of shelves, or even a wardrobe. Other factors like the color palette, the design of the windows, and the use of rugs are also an integral part of decorating the bedroom.

Ten Popular Bedroom Decor Ideas

Knowing the different styles of bedroom decor can help you select a theme that you think will work best for your bedroom. Here are ten of the most popular bedroom decor ideas and themes you may find perfect for your space.

Traditional Decor

Traditional bedroom decor in nude color

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Traditional bedroom decor focuses on bringing classic elements and furnishings together and on converting the space into an area that reflects the core principles of European sensibilities. The color scheme generally leans toward neutral shades, and the furniture included is typically ornate and elaborate, with intricate designs or carvings. Traditional fabrics like velvet, brocade, lace, and silk often form an integral part of this style. In traditional decor, the window curtains, throws, and pillowcases are often made from these materials instead of more modern fabrics such as cotton.

Modern Decor

Modern bedroom decor in luxury setup

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While the term may be a broad one, the style that modern bedroom decor embodies is quite simple to understand and emulate. Modern bedrooms are best described as sleek, with the decor elements being limited to just a little over the bare minimum. There’s no clutter involved, and the use of accessories is minimized. These bedrooms also sport clean and crisp lines with streamlined furniture enhanced by the use of elements like glass, steel, or metal. The patterns and color themes generally lean toward geometric and neutral.

Contemporary Decor

Contemporary bedroom decor designed with wood in luxury

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Contemporary decor is often wrongly assumed to be the same as modern decor. The difference lies in the fact that while a modern theme represents the style born in the 20th century, a contemporary theme is anything relevant to the time period in question, thus making it more fluid. To put together a bedroom decor that’s contemporary in style, try using sleek furniture, solid and vibrant hues, and chic furnishings. A pop of color placed in a strategic spot is also an ideal addition for a contemporary bedroom.

Minimalist Decor

Minimalist bedroom decor in spacious white and grey

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Minimalist bedroom decor is a stripped-away version of the modern theme. It’s best suited for smaller bedrooms because going minimal gives the illusion of space, thus making the room appear larger than it actually is. To achieve a minimalist style, keep only the bare necessities like the bed, pillows, and a blanket or two. Limit the accessories to a potted plant or a wall hanging. As for the lighting, try to do away with a bedside lamp. Instead, opt for recessed lighting or valence lighting to accentuate the style. Overall, the guiding principle in minimalist decor is that less is more.

Transitional Decor

Transitional bedroom decor with window view

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Transitional bedroom decor borrows and brings together the best elements from traditional and modern design. It’s important to strike the right balance between the two styles because you don’t want the end result to lean too much toward one of the two extremes. One way to go about translating a transitional theme from design to reality can be by using elements like glass, steel, and metal for the decor and accent pieces while adding furniture that’s elaborate and ornate. To tie the look together, it’s best to use neutral color palettes.

Scandinavian Decor

Scandinavian bedroom decor with high medium window

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Inspired by the simplicity that’s a prominent characteristic in themes used in Nordic homes, Scandinavian bedroom decor is like a work of art that comes alive in the space it’s used in. Typical features of this style include an all-white color palette and the use of organic elements like enameled aluminum, natural lighting, wide plank flooring, and form-pressed wood for the frame of the bed. The style is understated and focuses on functionality. Pops of color can be added in the form of artwork or a central piece of furniture.

Eclectic Decor

Eclectic bedroom decor with loud colors in design

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Eclectic bedroom decor is one of the easiest themes to put together. This is primarily because it involves the use of different colors, textures, and patterns mixed together to create an overall appearance that is cohesive. The beauty of the eclectic theme lies in the manner in which several unrelated elements of decor come together to form a whole that is much greater than the sum of its parts. Typically, furnishings like curtains or specific ideas like the use of a common color across various accessories bring the look together.

Bohemian Decor

Bohemian bedroom decor designed with curtains and fabric in pastel color

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The appeal of Bohemian bedroom decor is that it allows you to bring to life your heart’s desire. The style is essentially cozy, comfortable, and inviting, making it perfect for your bedroom. It builds on the eclectic decor style and pulls together elements such as rugs from different countries, throws and floor pillows, knick-knacks or souvenirs from your travels, and displays of books and other collections. Bohemian decor works best with warm color palettes like deep brown, warm yellow, and natural green.

Coastal Decor

Coastal bedroom decor in blue and white shades

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Also known as the Hamptons style, coastal decor is inspired by America’s favorite beach-side region. Bedrooms with coastal themes generally include an airy design that lets in a lot of natural light. Other elements in this style include light color palettes and cool, neutral shades of color like ivory and beige. As for the furniture, it’s generally made from light-colored wood. To infuse more life into the theme, the use of seaside colors like blue and green are recommended.

Asian Decor

Asian bedroom  decor in wood design

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Asian decor for your bedroom is a great idea if you want to convert the space into a calm and relaxing haven, which should be the goal of your bedroom decor no matter which style you go with. Asian themes generally have a foundation built upon warm colors like woody brown, mustard yellow, and earthy green. Shades like red and yellow can be used to add a pop of color if you want. Another element that can bring the look together is the use of a few indoor plants or other elements of nature such a water bowl with flowers in it.

Tips on Decorating Your Bedroom

Bedroom decoration ideas and putting display

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Now that you’ve had a chance to learn a little bit about some popular styles of bedroom decor, here are some tips that can help you get started with decorating your bedroom.

Understand the Theme You’ve Chosen

If you’ve decided to decorate your bedroom in a specific style, it’s best to take some time to understand the theme and what goes into making it. This way, you can put together all the right furniture, accessories, and furnishings that are true to the style you’ve picked.

Pick Your Decor Correctly

When putting a theme together, people often go with the first option they come across, especially when it comes to choosing curtains, furnishings, and other elements. Instead of going with the first option, take your time and find the decor that you love and truly fits with your vision of your bedroom. You don’t have to complete your bedroom decor within in a day.

Add a Few Personal Details

A bedroom is one of the most personal spaces in a house. It’s also where you go recharge and rejuvenate after a busy day. Naturally, it’s ideal if such a space feels like a reflection of you. To achieve this, add some personal details like a few photographs of your best memories or mementos you’ve collected.

Keep the Style Consistent

Unless you’re opting for eclectic or Bohemian decor, both of which can work with a mix of elements, it’s best to keep the style consistent and choose furnishings and decorations that are true to the theme you’ve chosen. Throwing unrelated accessories into the mix may result in the whole room feeling unbalanced or off in some subtle way that makes it hard for you to relax.

Prioritize Comfort above All Else

Finally, it’s important to remember that while bringing a theme to life is a great endeavor, comfort needs to remain your top priority. Your bedroom shouldn’t turn into a space that looks fantastic but leaves you feeling restless and unable to sleep. Comfort should always come before decor.


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These styles are only some of the many themes that can be used to transform an ordinary bedroom into an extraordinary space. Of course, you could always put together your own theme and decorate your bedroom in a manner that best reflects your personal tastes and preferences.

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