What a lovely feeling you get when you step into a vintage decorated house!

It’s almost as if you traveled back in time for a couple of decades. The place looks cozy and warm at it feels like home, even when it’s not.

But what about the place that you do live in, but doesn’t quite feel like home yet? How can you fix that? A vintage touch might help you with that.

From House to Home

Do you prefer the retro style of the 60’s or the bohemian look of the 70’s? Whatever your tastes are, get ready to read about seven ideas for a vintage makeover of your home.

1. Vintage isn’t Shabby Chic Only

While it’s true that most people associate vintage with Shabby Chic, an item is usually considered vintage if it’s older than fifteen years (and if it’s also manmade).

While there are no “clear regulations” on the subject, you can trust your gut feeling when you see an item – do you perceive it as vintage? Then it is.

The Shabby Chic style was meant to evoke the passing of time, and is known for the noticeable wear and tear signs on the items, such as chipped painting on a counter, for instance. But it is only a subgenre of Vintage design.

You up for retro vintage? Go for it.

First of all, choose your style, then proceed to revamp your room or home.

2. Vintage is About the Frame

As opposed to modern and minimalist approaches, the vintage style is known for art, details, and tchotchkes (which we’ll cover in a further point).

If you have a mirror in front of you, you can tell by the frame if it’s vintage or not. Cabinets and counters? The frame. Windows? The frame. Apparently, it was an essential piece of the times. Why was that? Because everything had to be framed, it had to have a beginning, an end, and to fit somewhere. And that is one of the traditional nuances showing in.

3. And About Wood

Speaking of traditional, one of the favorite materials of vintage designers was wood. It has a certain elasticity and is easy to handle. Moreover, it’s low-maintenance, and it can be quickly patched up if something goes wrong.

But wood is more than that – it’s an organic material that enhances the owner’s relationship with nature, and makes the house livelier. You should definitely look for some wood cabinets if you want a vintage transformation.

4. Floral Vintage Accessories Are a Must

Vintage room décor ideas usually revolve around floral wallpapers, but we dare you to go even further. Just like wood, flowers bring nature into your home.

And here, you can get creative – you need coasters in the kitchen? Buy some that are flower shaped. New stickers in the living room, a new soap dispenser or a fridge magnet – there are so many things from which you can choose.

5. And So Are Tiered Curtains

Few things say “vintage” more than tiered curtains. And you don’t even have to change them in the entire home – the kitchen is enough.

6. Tchotchkes Are the Trademark

Okay, maybe you don’t want to fill your home with lots of beautiful, yet useless things. Because yes, that’s how old folks used to roll, even if they’re scolding us now for having too many things in our room.

But you can buy some antique items that you know would be useful or that fit perfectly in one of the rooms. Indulge yourself that.

7. Check the Deals at the Flea Market

Many people believe that vintage style home décor requires an insane amount of money if you were to start from scratch today. But, the truth is, they don’t quite know the catch.

You don’t have to buy brand new old-looking furniture or clothes that cost you an arm and a leg just because it’s a trend to have vintage items. You can always check flea markets, where not only you can get real bargains, but the things you’re buying are also authentic.

Get Ready for a Vintage Makeover of Your House

Even if it’s not an eccentric style, vintage design is not for every home. There’s a specific atmosphere in a vintage house, and it’s not at all similar to the modern homes we’re used to.

It has a nostalgic feeling attached to it, and most of us are not used to it. So, if you’re ready to be one of the few, start redecorating today.


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