Head to the thrift store or flea market because boho chic home décor is in.

If you were hesitant to display your mom’s hand-me-down lamp or grandma’s Afghan rug, you can now find a perfect place for them.

Boho interior design and boho style décor are the ideal opportunities to embrace bold colors, unique textures, and exotic patterns.

Trends and Ideas for Transforming Your Home with Boho Style Décor

Redecorating your home with boho interior design provides a relaxed yet fun atmosphere. Here are some excellent trends and ideas for jumping head first into the bohemian chic style. Get creative and express yourself.

1. Deep Colors

Go with deep tones for walls like royal blue, emerald green, red orange, or magenta. Try contrasting colors with one bright accent wall with others painted eggshell white or brown. Don’t shy away from color.

2. Natural Textures

Select wood tables, frames, and furniture for a natural feel. Pick up copper accents like lamps, plates, or cups. Use natural materials like rope for hanging artwork and lighting, or try out some bamboo blinds.

3. Mismatched Patterns

Nothing seems to match? No problem. Pick mismatched patterned pillows and upholstery that share a common color. Rather than clashing, the patterns will complement one another. Go all out.

4. Statement Furniture

Swap out your recliner for a hanging chair or try out a couch with exciting patterns. You could even ditch the couch altogether for a chilled-out Middle Eastern floor sofa.

5. Crochet

Crochet blankets and rugs give your home a vintage yet comfortable feel. The natural fibers will work well against houseplants and earthy tones.

6. Exotic Rugs

Moroccan, Mexican, Navajo, Afghan – pick rugs with bright bold colors and patterns. Grab a few extra to use as makeshift headboards or tapestries.

7. Pillows

Pillows, pillows, and more pillows. Bright-patterned pillows against white walls set a perfect atmosphere. Try contrasting colors or textures and bold patterns. Just make sure they’re comfortable.

8. Houseplants

Your boho chic room décor wouldn’t be complete without some houseplants to deliver a down-to-earth feel. They’ll look great next to the bright patterns and exotic colors. Plus, they’re great for improving air quality.

9. Tie Dye

Instead of rainbow, try subtle hues with tie dye items made from natural sources. Look for tie dye blankets or beddings to transform your bedroom into a hippy heaven.

10. Faux Fur

Drape faux fur blankets over your couches and chairs. Pick up some faux fur blankets or pillows in bright colors. You could even grab a faux fur vest to match the style of your room.

11. Artwork

Express yourself with some unique artwork. What’s your style? Hang guitars or tribal masks on the wall. Look for expressive artwork on Etsy or from local sellers to fill up your walls with an indie style.

12. Bead Curtains

Nothing screams bohemian chic style quite like bead curtains. Skip the 90s plastic stuff and instead go for wooden or metal beads.

13. Lanterns

Ditch your light fixtures for hanging lanterns. These also make great accent pieces. You have quite a few options including stained glass or paper. It will feel like summer year-round.

14. Anything Handmade

Carved, stitched, sculpted – embrace it all with handmade accessories for your wall or tables. Look for unique frames or artwork.

Finding Your Style

You’ve got great options for developing your bohemian chic style. Now, you just need to put it all into practical use.

Travel Back in Time or to Another Part of the World

Is there a particular era in time or area of the world you love? Absorb ideas from different times and places:

  • 1960s
  • 1970s
  • Morocco
  • Afghanistan
  • Tunisia
  • Mexico
  • American southwest

Pick a Pretty Pattern

You could also start by exploring different patterns and shapes for your furniture and fabrics. You don’t have to stick with just one. Pick one pattern for your blankets and another for pillows or curtains.

  • Paisley
  • Mandalas
  • Patchwork
  • Aztec

You Have Endless Color Choices. Go Bold!

Next, you need to figure out which colors to highlight. White walls look great with bold fabrics, but accent walls with a pop of color or patterned wallpaper look great, too. Pick some of your favorite colors from the list below:

  • Royal blue
  • Turquois
  • Gold
  • Mustard
  • Lime green
  • Earth tones
  • Rust orange
  • Deep purple
  • Magenta
  • Brown
  • Emerald green

Express Yourself with Boho Chic Room Décor 

The bohemian chic style is a perfect opportunity to express yourself. Paint a wall with your favorite color or find some unique artwork. With boho chic room décor, you can transform your home into an artist’s utopia or laid-back hippy den. The possibilities are endless.

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