The master bathroom is a place of refreshment and relaxation, and we've got some great design tips to help you with your master bathroom ideas. We'll discuss how to prepare and showcase 10 incredible design tips that will inspire you to create a perfect bathroom.

Getting Started With Your Bathroom Project

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The bathroom is the smallest space in most houses; and yet this tiny room has a huge impact on our health, well-being and stress levels. This one room must accomplish a lot. Bathrooms can range from the simplistic to luxurious (complete with coffee makers and wide screen televisions!) If you're getting ready to consider a remodel, here are a few things you should consider before you get started, followed by some great ideas and design tips:

Focus on a Form

Focus on "Why?"

Focus on the Budget

Focus on What You Have

Focus on Materials

Focus on Storage

Focus on Professionals

Important Design Elements To Consider

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Once you've concentrated on these different aspects of your master bathroom ideas, it's time to review design goals. Often, this is accomplished by looking at other beautiful master bathroom ideas and gathering information on how you can incorporate these same elements into your design.

Storage Areas Can Contribute to Great Design

Let Color Set the Tone

Fixtures Make Strong Statements

Less Is More

Inspiration From Around the World

10 Master Bathroom Ideas And Design Tips For Your Master Bathroom

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Take A Tip From Fantastic Tiles!

Customized tiling opens the door for a myriad of ideas that can transform your bathroom. Best of all, as far as master bathroom ideas go, the main advantage is that you can customize the tile in any manner of ways to ensure that your style shines through. Tiling makes it possible for you to be completely inventive and unique.

Some ideas include using clean subway tile to make a statement on the floor or even using a different shade and shape of tile underneath the tub to highlight it as the centerpiece of the room. You can also use brightly colored tile as a lacquered accent wall, which is particularly useful if you're using a monochrome pallette.


Use An Unusual Or Breathtaking Tub As The Centerpiece

Some of the best master bathroom ideas center around having an extraordinary bathtub. There are many ways this piece can be used to make your bathroom go from sad to stellar. When the tub is the star of the show, it's important to let it take center stage; so make sure other colors and decor complement it.

Try using the tub at a certain vantage point so you can easily look out over a private terrace or have an ocean view. Select a classic tub--such as a clawfoot tub--in a dramatic marble color. If you'd like to go with something with a warmer vibe, consider encasing the tub in a wood such as mahogany.

The bottom line is this: don't be afraid to let the bathtub make a bold statement. After all, it's where you'll most likely spend most of your time soaking and relaxing. Shouldn't it look stunning? A well-selected bathtub opens the door for a multitude of master bathroom ideas.


Use Marble With A Flair For The Dramatic Art Déco

One of the master bathroom ideas that packs a powerful punch is the use of dramatic black and white veined marble coupled with gold tub fittings. This black and white marble can also easily fit customized vanities trimmed with bronze. By using dramatic angles, it's easy to capture an Art Deco feel for your master bathroom: one that will truly make your inner sanctuary stand out.

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Embrace An Adobe Feel

Whether you're highlighting the room with warm wooden accents or wood-clad ceilings, the warm tones of an adobe or Native American-inspired decor can create a feeling of warmth and comfort. Highlight your bathroom with traditionally patterned rugs and even use stools and artwork by local artists and craftsmen.


Embrace The Old And New

If you live in a historic home, or even a country farmhouse, don't be afraid to mix old, traditional elements with a new twist. For example, keep wooden planked floors but combine them with a flair of something modern, such as modern marble accents.

Use pieces such as reclaimed slate to provide a connection with the past with a promising nod toward the future. Take advantage of any natural historic elements--such as an original limestone tile--and restore them. Marrying the past with the present is a wonderful way to glean some fantastic master bathroom ideas.


Use High Ceilings To Your Advantage

Does your bathroom have a high ceiling? Perfect. High ceilings are a wonderful way to emphasize elegance. Use them to your advantage. Hang an elegant chandelier and complement it with elegant sconces on either side of the vanity. Include a chair covered in a luxurious fabric and classy, elegant plumbing fixtures.

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Use Wood On The Walls

A classic bamboo will go a long way toward making your bathroom feel like a relaxing spa getaway. You can even complement it with a traditional Japanese-style wooden tub.


Punch Up A Neutral Pallette With A Single Color

If you're going with a neutral pallette, consider adding an accent wall in a strong color complemented by gold fixtures. Statement walls are a great asset in coming up with strong master bathroom ideas.

wooden wall bathroom with ceramic bathtub and lavatory


Emphasize Architecture

Perhaps you live in a condo or home with exposed brick in your master bathroom? Does this brick create an arch way or create some other interesting architectural shape. Consider painting the brick and take advantage of any architectural styles that are already present.

Complement it by adding an interesting lighting fixture that emphasizes any of the strong lines, arches or curves already present in the structure of the room.


Experiment With Unusual Shapes

Just because most cabinets are square doesn't mean that yours have to be. Perhaps you'd like one with a bit more of a wave or a mirror that is an oblong shape. Don't be afraid to use non-traditional shapes. In fact, using one or two can serve as a strong accent piece in the room. You can also implement different shapes--such as zig zags and octagons-- in the bathroom tile (see our earlier tip for great master bathroom ideas using tile).


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Maybe you're tired at looking at your same old bathroom. Maybe you're expanding and have a chance to create the bathroom you've always wanted. Perhaps storage has become a problem and your master bath is no longer the place of respite and relaxation that it should be. That doesn't mean you will eliminate everything.

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